Children of the Lost

Children of the Lost Cast out of the city of Agora where they were left at the end of The Midnight Charter Mark and Lily must now survive in a dense forest The strange villages terrifying nightmares and powerful witche

  • Title: Children of the Lost
  • Author: David Whitley
  • ISBN: 9781596436145
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cast out of the city of Agora where they were left at the end of The Midnight Charter, Mark and Lily must now survive in a dense forest The strange villages, terrifying nightmares, and powerful witches they find there are even frightening than Agora with all its slums and secrets In an adventure that expands with every turn of the page, David Whitley delivers a noveCast out of the city of Agora where they were left at the end of The Midnight Charter, Mark and Lily must now survive in a dense forest The strange villages, terrifying nightmares, and powerful witches they find there are even frightening than Agora with all its slums and secrets In an adventure that expands with every turn of the page, David Whitley delivers a novel as thrilling and horrifying as his characters darkest dreams.

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    • Reason for Reading: next in the trilogy.While The Midnight Charter was good I wasn't entirely thrilled with it but the ending left me eagerly anticipating what could possibly happen for our heroes in the next book. So I requested my library purchase "The Children of the Lost" and I'd almost forgotten about it when I received the call that they had the book in for me. It was with eager anticipation that I began to read and found myself immensely drawn into Lily and Mark's new world as they quest [...]

    • SOOOOO AMAZING! I was sucked into the story, right from the very first page. I didn't even read the first book in this trilogy (Children of the Lost is the second), so I didn't quite understand some of the political details. Still, OMG--sooooo amazing. Reminds me of the Chaos Walking Trilogy, which I absolutely loved. The third one does not come out until August 2011, and even that looks like it may be a non-U.S. release date. In the meantime, I'll definitely be reading the first one. WOW.

    • David Whitley’s The Midnight Charter introduced readers to Agora, an ancient city-state where everything is for sale – goods, thoughts, emotions, and memories – even children. In this insular environment where money does not exist and trading and contracts are the only way to survive, successful merchants wield ultimate power, plague spreads rapidly throughout the slums, and children are possessions until their twelfth birthdays. In the tower of the famous astrologer Count Stelli, two youn [...]

    • I have this theory about trilogies where no matter how good the story is, the second book is always the weakest link: it doesn't give you quite the same thrill as the first one and it doesn't provide the sense of whole and conclusion which comes with the third.Hence, I never judge a trilogy on the second book as a rule because I feel it would be unfair, especially since the author imagined the story as an ensemble and that there needs to be a middle part. But let me tell you right now that The C [...]

    • Lily had made her decision to leave the city walls of Agora and after making an agreement with the Director of Receipts on the condition that she takes Mark with her. Lily had seen this as a chance for her to escape the dreadful streets of Agora and a chance for her to find out the truth behind the dark secrets that are in their lives and also an opportunity to find her vanished parents. Lily and Mark now find themselves outside the walls of the city. Lily had grown up to believe that there was [...]

    • I was a big fan of Whitley's first book, the Midnight Charter, set in a city where anything can be traded, including emotions, memories, and even children. The book showed remarkably potential for a debut fantasy novel, and as such I was looking forward to this book a great deal. Fortunately there is no doubt that the potential shown in the first book has come to fruition in the second. In Children of the Lost Mark and Liley, the two main characters from the first book, are faced with a land out [...]

    • I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway! So thank you for the opportunity to read a new series! It took awhile to finally receive the right book, but finally got this one about a month ago. It was SO much better than the first in the series. It still took me awhile to read because something more interesting kept coming up, but once I got into it more I kinda wanted to finish :)It was weird! In a mostly good way. I spent most of the book trying to figure out what is going on right along with [...]

    • I knew going into this second volume of David Whitley's Agora Trilogy (having gotten it hot off the press) that I was going to regret coming to the the last page without being able to hop right into volume three. Mr. Whitley did not disappoint. The rich characterizations and compelling action that he created in part one, "The Midnight Charter," continue to intrigue throughout the second volume, and now I have to find the patience to wait genteelly for part three to come into print. (Storming the [...]

    • The Children of the Lost, book two in David Whitley's The Agora Trilogy, is even better than book one. Mark and Lily have left Agora - Lily willingly, Mark not - unsure of thier friendship, their role, and their mission. They find that there really is life outside of Agora. On the surface it might seem better but it seems the dark plans of those unknown reach far beyond. Just when you think you have it figured out, roles change. Lily starts out as the strong one, the one wanting to find others b [...]

    • I received this book from a good reads contest. It took three times before the company sent the right book. They sent Midnight Charter by the same author twice.This book is centered on the two main characters Lily and Mark who have been banished from the city, Agora Mark had been imprisoned and Lily was working on bettering Agora, a city full of greed and selfishness, by working at the Almshouse she helped create. With the encouragement of the Director, ruler of Agora, Lily sets off with Mark on [...]

    • This sounds like it could be quite the interesting adventure!I won this book in a good reads giveaway. Thank you so much good reads! However, I received the first book in the series instead of the second one, which was ok because it was incredible. Please note my review of the midnight charter, and as soon as I receive this one there will be more on it here.Thanks again good reads!__________________________________________________________________________________I did receive this book now as wel [...]

    • In the book Lily and Mark travel through the forest until Lily gets hurt and taken to a village called Aecer were Lily thinks is a great place, but Mark doesn’t like the place at all. After spending all winter there they find out something called a Nightmare is attacking livestock and people in the form of dreams and making them act differently. In the book there is the mysterious stranger that saves Lily’s life, but lives in the forest, a speaker that passes what she believes the village sh [...]

    • This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictionOutcast from Agora, Mark and Lily must find their own way through the troubled forest that is haunted by the Nightmare. But when they are adopted by an odd village that teaches them to suppress their selfish desires, they realise that it isn't all it's made out to beChildren of the Lost is in some respects very different from the Midnight Charter. But it is also achingly similar; a beautiful tale that culminates in a fantastic and awe inspirin [...]

    • I won this book a while back, but have dragged my feet in writting the review simply because I feel terrible giving a bad review to a book that was given to me. Not to mention that I truly commend and applaud David for having the guts to write a book and go through with the publication process at such a young age. Unfortunately, I think he should have spent a bit more time on it. The book is written for children, when honestly it's a bit too creepy and unentertaining to capture the audience of c [...]

    • This series is highly imaginative and tons of fun. I think if I were younger, I would have been absolutely in love with these books. The characters were adorable and the plot was actually pretty exciting. I don't think I'm exactly the target audience for this series, so maybe that's why I didn't co poetry love it, but I did enjoy it regardless.It's been a while since I actually read any middle grade fiction and this reminded me of exactly what I've been missing! I'm excited about reading more bo [...]

    • This was the sequel to "The Midnight Charter" and of course, I'd forgotten a lot of the details of that one, but Whitley did a good job of recapping some of the pertinent details organically in the course of the story. This entry in the series unfolds gradually, but manages to keep the reader engaged because there is such an aura of menace in the air. The reader is just waiting for the other shoe to drop, so it isn't really a surprise when it does--more a relief. From there, Lily and Mark procee [...]

    • I won this through . Luckily, I was given the first book of the series instead of this actual book because I have not yet read the first one. You will find my review for it there. Update- I just received this book in the mail today! Super excited to be able to read both books of this series!Finally finished this book. I am really enjoying this series. This booked picked right up unlike the first one and had you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end (and I'm still there!). Can't wait to [...]

    • How does one go about rating the second book of a trilogy without reading the first one? Apparently, it is not such an impossible task, since I have done it twice now.Alright, I admit I missed some crucial knowledge to understand parts of it, but what I did understand, I enjoyed greatly and this book reads in one sitting (given that you have enough time and are not trying to multitask).Moreover, it is also an eye-candy. The letters are in just the right size set on just the right yellowish shade [...]

    • In a surprising break away from normal, the sequel to The Midnight Charter is actually several times better than the first one. I loved how Whitley never let on what was real in this world and what was not. How much fantasy is true? Are witches and elves and superstition real? Or is it the clouded hive-mind mentality of the villages? We get pure capitalism in the first book, and now we're introduced to pure communism, and I'm not sure if I like it. The ending is excellent (endings make or break [...]

    • Lily and Mark are two teenagers who are lost in the forest and some circumstances find them in a village of Gisethi where all the people are very different from what people were in their village. They expect nothing in return for their help. After staying there for a while, they discover that when the nightmare is around, a nightmare that doesn't leave you even when you wake, even the best can become the worst. So, they stay together and try to stay alive with everybody around impassive and they [...]

    • Mostly I just found this book boring. I didn't crave reading any of the parts about what was still going on in Agora. The only interesting parts took place in the forest with Lily and Mark. The magic seems to be just a way to move the story forward rather than a creative world of magic as in Harry Potter. Also, there is too much of a reliance on dreams. I realize there is one more book to go, but the ending was disappointing in that it did not reveal as much I had hoped.

    • Mark and Lily just escaped the city of Agora, and they venture out into a dark forest. They get help while in the woods and move to a village for a about a year. They learn dark secrets about the village and escape back into the woods were witches help them and Lily starts a adventure to find her dad while Mark is brought back to Agora. This is an exciting book that seems to be about an secret group that is trying to control Mark and Lily's lives but are in vane.

    • I have just won Children of the Lost from First Reads. I look forward to its arrival. Now I will have to hurry and get the first book The Midnight Charter read.This is very odd. I received The Midnight Charter instead of Children of the Lost.Update 3/1/11: I just received Children of the Lost.

    • Wow! This book had me absorbed from page 1! I could barely put it down! It was very imaginative, true, it had a few predictable happenings, but overall it was a breath of fresh air. I can hardly wait for the next book, which I intend to order from tonight. :)

    • The 1st one was interesting but his was amazing! It hooked me from the first chapters until the end. Mistery, deception, thriller and amazing new concepts and places. Absolutely loved the ending (so well crafted). Just can't wait for the last book!

    • Overall, I like this better than the first one, although there are still some annoying things about it. I don't want to smack the main characters nearly as much as I did in the first one, however.

    • I won this book from First Reads. Good story. Good series. I read both the first book and this one. Waiting for the last book to read. Thank you.

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