Last Block in Harlem, The

Last Block in Harlem The A young couple seeking a fresh start moves into a fourth floor walk up in Sugar Hill Harlem where kids run through hydrants and music blares from stereos plugged into lampposts When the husband notic

  • Title: Last Block in Harlem, The
  • Author: Christopher Herz
  • ISBN: 9781935597049
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • A young couple seeking a fresh start moves into a fourth floor walk up in Sugar Hill, Harlem where kids run through hydrants and music blares from stereos plugged into lampposts When the husband notices trash marring the streets, he finds his cause However, his best intentions go awry when his clean up efforts bring media coverage that sets off a rash of evictions and usA young couple seeking a fresh start moves into a fourth floor walk up in Sugar Hill, Harlem where kids run through hydrants and music blares from stereos plugged into lampposts When the husband notices trash marring the streets, he finds his cause However, his best intentions go awry when his clean up efforts bring media coverage that sets off a rash of evictions and ushers in an influx of new and affluent tenants.His fight to clean up the block evolves into a quest to cleanse his soul, but the choices he makes cannot change the past and the secrets that haunt him What exists beneath the surface can t be held down for long On the last block in Harlem, accomplishment and love will clash, but which force is strong enough to win

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      Christopher Herz is the author of The Last Block in Harlem, Pharmacology, and Hollywood Forever He has worked every kind of job imaginable, from washing dishes to selling chimney sweep services to writing interactive cartoons for the Pokemon Learning League He lives in Brooklyn with is wife and continues to write novels that invoke reactions and entertain on the edge of comfortability.

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    • This book was going so well for about the first half, then it started to gradually veer off course, and then the plane crashed into a mountain in the last 20 pages or so. The ending was bungled in a way that's so epic that I actually kinda respect it. If you gave me the first 14 chapters of this book and told me to write two final chapters that completely ruin it, as some silly writing assignment, I don't know that I could come up with something as bizarre as what this guy came up with. I don't [...]

    • Unless you're new to reading my blog, you're probably aware of my love for all things New York City. There is something so real about the city, and it's full of such history. And the variety in culture and people in New York is something that continues to draw me to it. My family makes fun of me for a remark I made after returning from my first trip to NYC when I said that I felt like I "belonged" in NYC more than I do here in Florida where I grew up. (But it's true). On my most recent trip to t [...]

    • I wanted to like this book. I really enjoyed the premise but the execution was unusual. This is Mr Herz's first book, and it reads like it. That is ok. Every author has a first book, and lots of kinks need practice to work themselves out. The writing is a little clumsy at times, but he has a talent for descriptions. It's the organization of ideas and the consistency of time that is bothersome. The ending is nuts. In the weirdest, worst way imaginable. Heck, I couldn't imagine it. The wheels real [...]

    • Ok, so this book was loaned to me on my Kindle and I was so excited to receive it I began to read it immediately. Of course, I only had two weeks to finish it which is an eternity to me but I was anxious to get started reading. The title drew me in also. The story began and I was somewhat interested. As I continued reading, I began to feel disconnected and lost for where the author was trying to take me. The development of characters was slight at best. I didn't feel any connection to them at al [...]

    • I really wanted to like this book. I picked it up as a Samsung Deal of the Month because I'm currently living in a downtown neighborhood that's going through "gentrification". I liked that this book was dissecting the growing pains of neighborhood change from the inside out. It started well, and I liked where it was headed, but then the whole thing went down a bizarro rabbit hole and crashed and burned. I also really wanted to like it because it's the author's first book, and I think he put a lo [...]

    • I've never been to Harlem, but I feel like I have after reading this book. The author has a rare talent for recreating the sights, sounds, and smells of the neighborhood, (not to mention realistically depicting the characters who populate it). Not to give too much away, but I didn't see the ending coming, and wasn't sure how I felt about it. Later, I thought about the book and mentally retraced the steps leading up to the last chapter--similar to what I did after seeing the film, "The Sixth Sens [...]

    • I read this via a Crazy Book Tours and I have to say it did not impress me. Not every book can be a winner and it's great to step out and read things that normally you wouldn't so I am not sorry I read it, just that it didn't click with me.What starts as a little sweep-up from a resident, our main character, who is never named in the entire book, turns into so much more.It's a look into the lives of people in Harlem and everywhere in my opinion.

    • I bought this book when it was being advertised on one of those "great price" promotionals through , and downloaded it onto my Kindle. I was attracted by the cover photo, the title, and the promotional information. I like the idea of reading new authors. The first bit of the book seemed pretty good. I enjoyed the first few chapters, and felt like there was some good descriptive writing there, where I was getting the "feel" of the neighborhood. But even in the beginning, I wasn't getting a feel f [...]

    • In a nutshell, an unemployed copywriter and his wife move into Harlem, and the man becomes obsessed in making Harlem over in his own image, unraveling himself in the process.Herz's writing is vivid and thoughtful, with a strong sense of place, but I almost didn't get through it because his main character is the male equivalent of the "whiny bitch" protagonist who seems to have many insufferable clones in various novels I've read this year. Like his female counterparts, the narrator is a complete [...]

    • This is a story about a neighborhood. A neightborhood in Harlem, New York, USA. What thoughts just went through your head when you read the word Harlem? There is such a negative connotation with Harlem being this dangerous place, that we don't really stop to think about the people who live there. The people who have amazing stories to tell. The people who make up this wonderful debut novel by Chris Herz.The main narrator, never named, is struggling to identify who he wants to be in life. In his [...]

    • Change. Ignore it to live a life of monotony. Embrace it and risk it all.When we see wrong in this world, there is this inherent urge in us to do something about it, to make it right. Some would choose to walk away. Others choose a more heroic approach, to get involved and make a difference. These are the people who desire to change the world, to fight for what is right. They see change in a positive light.The reality is that change is not always positive, and the problem with changing the world [...]

    • I orginally found out about this book because I was interested in finding out about the Harlem Renissaince. Althought this book did not give information about famous and influential people coming from Harlem, it did give a fictional representations of modern day Harlem.Not being familar at all with NYC at its neighborhoods (ie, Harlem)- I was draw to this book. It painted a world that was so much different from mine, which helped me have a greater appreciation of different culture and societes.T [...]

    • The premise to this novel is original, and I did enjoy it up to a point. I would have liked more time with some of the characters, they were very individual and I would have liked to have had a more in depth experience with them. The novel on the whole felt too condensed, maybe because I am used to reading long novels. I also wasn't keen on the ending at all, it reminded me a lot of Brother Odd by Dean Koontz, though much more sinister and I wondered why he did it. The descent into madness wasn' [...]

    • I can't recall where I first heard the story of Herz and his book, but I remembered being intrigued by the idea that he was engaging in old-school street hustling in order to get it sold. The second thing that drew me in (and made me add it to my reading list), is the book's title. The Last Block in Harlem is set in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem and Herz he sets the scene well, leaving me experiencing a bit of nostaligia in the early pages of the book. Herz is a good storyteller and the setti [...]

    • A young man and his wife return to his roots, a block in Harlem where he writes and she goes to work as an architect. Yuppies, not in their own mind. When he sees the neighborhood is "trashy" he goes to work, sweeping it up. But his good intentions get caught up with ambitions to change Harlem to an area of affluency and he becomes a part of it -- for a while. Once he and the people on the block realize what's happening, they try to turn things around with one unintended result - the accidental [...]

    • Good idea of a story, but the writing was sometimes a bit uneven (when it was good, it was really good; when it wasn't good it was barely mediocre). First person point of view was interesting and handled well overall. Felt like the main character was not allowed to grow which may or may not have been intentional but there were so many "epiphanies" which should have led to change and didn't go anywhere. At some points, it almost seemed like he wanted to introduce elements of magical realism then [...]

    • I was interested in idea of "taking back" the last block in Harlem and thought I would enjoy the story of how that evolved. However, I found the whole book to be a bit difficult. The characters of the block didn’t come to life for me because they never read as real people. I was confused by the main character’s relationship with his wife right from the start. Were they mad at each other, did they love each other, were they separating?And the ending… I thought the book was supposed to be ab [...]

    • A well-written and engaging story. Couldn't put it down. I like novels that make you think about how people interract with each other and the effect they have on the world around them. We all want to make a difference. We'd like the world to be a little more perfect - the way we think it should be. Christopher Herz does an excellent job of portraying the life of a very self-focused man who wants to do just that. But, sometimes, when we try to solve other people's problems, we make more problems [...]

    • TOTALLY CAPTURED BY THIS STORY!I've been in love with NY culture forever & could only dream of being part of the people who've rooted themselves in the sub-cultures of the big city. Christopher Herz CAPTURED me from the first page! The characters were well developed; I easily envisioned each & every one. I laughed. I cried. I cheered. I got angry. I struggled. I embraced the entire community as if it were my own. The personal & corporate pilgrimage of the main character made me want [...]

    • A look at Harlem lifeThis book did make me think about my own neighborhood and how much it has changed over the past few years - what do those changes mean for the people who have lived there for generations? But it was a boring read. And it felt like there was a lot of product placement in this book - like if a woman is wearing a suit, the narrator (a man) knows it's a Liz Claiborne suit. Just didn't feel believable and took away from the authenticity of what I was reading.

    • Started off well, with an interesting premise of what happens when someone cleans up the neighbourhood to a point where developers start taking an interest in gentrification and push up prices so much that the residents can't afford to live there any more. However, it's rather slow paced and feels a bit more long winded than the page count suggests.Aside from this the authors portrayal of the lead characters relationship with his wife just doesn't ring true somehow and the ending, which I assume [...]

    • Christopher Herz wrote The Last Block in Harlem as “a love letter to his block,” he says of his first novel, which recounts, with great sensory detail, the comings and goings of a small group of people in a small space and the big implications of one man’s misguided efforts to save his neighborhood.Herz self-published and marketed the novel until it was picked up by major publishers. Read how in our June/July 2011 issue. shelfmediagroup/staff_

    • Reminiscent of Adam Langer's Ellington Boulevard, one of my favorite books of last year, The Last Block in Harlem concerns the continuing inevitable gentrification of New York. Whereas the former book made a character out of the building in question, this novel casts a wider net employing the block itself. There is a central story of love and pathos and loss and misplaced choices, but is well written and compelling.

    • The Last Block in Harlem is a remarkable book that took me on a journey to Harlem! I was there on the fire escape and I witnessed the people down on the street as if I was there. I could vividly see in my head all the characters in the book and could feel what they were feeling! I would recommend this book to everyone! It is a fast paced story with amazing characters, real life situations and is definitely a "Must Read".

    • I started reading this not really sure what I would get going in as it was not my typical genre book. I was pleasantly surprised by Herz different writing style and thus never named narrator. Absolutely worth at least one read give it a try you will be living on the last block in Harlem when you read it.

    • Recently visited Harlem for the first time. I was amazed at how nice it wast what I visioned while living in NYC until 1986. This book fit in with the Harlem of today. One man works hard to get his block to work together to clean up the area. What were the consequences?? You need to read to find out. I very much liked this book.

    • Great book! Herz has painted a vivid picture of Harlem and the people who live there. This book is full of creative, interesting characters that seem to come to life as you journey through it. Its great storyline and plot will leave you guessing until the end of the story and will keep you glued until the last page!

    • Last Block in Harlem started out intriguing, however about half way through it just seemed to wander. I kept reading because I really believed that because the beginning was so good that the author would bring it all together. But that didn't really happen and the ending veered off in an odd direction.

    • A solid summer readThis book was engaging and not at all predictable. It was a bit challenging to follow sometimes. The main character was determined and observant, yet pitiful and struggling at times.

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