The Joy of Pickling: 300 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market

The Joy of Pickling Flavor Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market flavor packed recipes for vegetables and from garden or market

  • Title: The Joy of Pickling: 300 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market
  • Author: Linda Ziedrich
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 300 flavor packed recipes for vegetables and from garden or market.

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      As a long time editor of nonfiction books mostly cookbooks I gradually came to devote and of my time to writing My cookbooks have stemmed from my interests in food from garden to table, in culinary history, and in the cuisines of the world I ve trained as a Master Gardener, I am an active Master Food Preserver, I teach preserving classes, I am a co founder of the Santiam Food Alliance, and I am a member of the Slow Food Corvallis board of directors and the Oregon Ark of Taste Committee I write about my gardening and cooking adventures at agardenerstable.

    568 thoughts on “The Joy of Pickling: 300 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market

    • Very informative book. I was able to quickly learn what I needed to know and get a batch of lactofermented pickles done. I even waited the two weeks and taste tested them before coming back with my review :)

    • We already have the Joy of Jams, Jellies, and other Sweet Preserves & absolutely love it! So when I saw that the same author had a book on pickling, I couldn't resist!I am not disappointed! This book meets the high expectations I had of it due to my delight with the book mentioned.If you can think of it, she has a pickling recipe for it! She also goes into fermentation & that is something we are always trying & interested in. As usual the beginning of the book provides the reader wit [...]

    • Jeff and I have been getting copious amounts of turnips from our produce shipment, and we haven't been particularly good about eating them. In leafing through this book I found a recipe for Korean Pickled Turnips and decided to give it a try. What better way to enjoy anything than to ferment it?! The list of ingredients was short (and all basic stuff we already had) and the process was very simple. I was pleased to see a good amount of brine after rubbing the sliced turnips with salt, and after [...]

    • If you are at all interested in preserving food by pickling it, I think this may be the book for you. Featuring about as many recipes for pickling a cucumber as you could possible want, this book includes recipes for fruits and other vegetables as well. From tomatoes, beans, pumpkins and squash to blueberries, plums, watermelons and even walnuts! There's recipes for all sorts of sauerkraut and relishes and chutneys too. And if you've ever had the desire to pickle pigs feet (no thanks!) hey, this [...]

    • To Pickle or Not to Pickle? That is the question that has been haunting novice and intermediate cooks like myself for a long time. Word like Botulism and E-Coli have scared us into believing that if it is not commercially pickled we are risking our health. We are scared off by material from the USDA that gives us such exacting detail about minute things that we feel as if we need a science degree to do something, that everyone has been doing for longer then time itself, or so it appears. This bo [...]

    • I carried this book around like a baby for the first few days I had it; it's a very entertaining and interesting cookbook. The instructions are very clear, and more detailed than anything I've found online. Her brine bag method is easy and prevents mold. If the kraut recipes are indicative of the tastiness of the rest, I'm going to pickle everything in site! I've been viciously attacking my first batch of kimchi-kraut- delicious!

    • Oh my gosh! I got this book from the library on a recommendation from a blog I read, and WOW!, this is one I just might have to purchase for myself.Great recipes for pickling almost anything! Many more things than cucumbers, for sure. I am particularly interested in the kimchi and kimuchi recipes. How inspiring!I highly recommend that you check out this book and begin having fun in the kitchen preparing all sorts of yummy food options.

    • Pickling things sounds difficult and complicated and like you need to buy a whole bunch of accessories, none of which appeals to me. Plus, if you do it wrong, you can get botulism. Yummy. I think I'll just eat what I grow from the garden while it's fresh for the present, and worry about learning to pickle and can when I feel like I can take on a complicated, expensive, and potentially deadly hobby.

    • Who knew there were so many pickle recipes in the world? From traditional dill pickles to pickled salmon and kimchi - and just about everything in between - if you like things salty and sour (or sweet and sour), you'll find it here! While many of the recipes weren't to my taste (I just don't see myself snacking on limed cantaloupe pickles or pickled turnips anytime soon), the variety is mind-boggling as are the techniques, ranging from fresh to freezer to fermentation.

    • When I'm not too busy pickling my liver I love to put-up pickles (mostly during the Summer). This is the best pickling book I've found! My favorites are her pickled beets (which I add Walla Walla sweets to), bread and butter pickles, of course dill pickles and the pickled turnips (mostly because they're a beautiful pink color). I never seem to have enough time to pickle anything else bust most of her recipes sound delicious and often very intriguing.

    • Very large selection of pickle varieties, and better yet, most of them are small batches! Some of the pickles in the book are ready in as little as a few hours ("Quick pickles") and some take several weeks to get to be ready to eat. I'm new into the home preserving game, so this book is a God-send. The directions are simple, the ingredients are readily available, and it sounds like most of the results will be something that my family will devour.

    • I loved the detail in this book including descriptions of the different methods of pickling and the troubleshooting tips. The number of recipes overwhelmed me some and made it hard to know where to start. I think a "top 10" recipes or a list of good recipes for beginners to start with would have helped me.

    • Picked this up on the last run to the library and it is a wonderful book! Very detailed and contains lots of hints, tricks, and advice. I'm going to look to add it to my collection and begin to pickle to my heart's content. The only thing is that I wish it had photos.

    • This is THE resource book for all your pickling needs (should you have pickling needs) especially if you want to learn how to make proper fermented pickles, which is not information you can get easily anywhere else.

    • A very interesting book for people interested in non-canning sorts of pickles. If I found a copy at a used book sale I would buy it, but a lot of the recipes just don't fit with my current pickle-making groove.

    • This book is very helpful and informative. Pickling is one of the most important method to preserved foods. But this book made it more special. This book is good for the health. I loved this book and highly recommended to everyone.

    • i really enjoyed the book as i do a lot of small canning and pickling as its just for myself , but wondered if you had a preference as to which sauerkraut you liked the best. Thank you as i am by my self to try all it would take years . Thank you for your thoughts. Dal

    • Read the theory, history, and technique sections, skimmed the recipes. Still too early in the season to really use the information contained in this very helpful tome, so I may revisit it in a few months. This is definitely a book I'd like to have in my cookbook and how-to collection.

    • This book has dozens and dozens of really interesting recipes from all over the world. A book I am going to be adding to my ever growing collection of recipe books.

    • Best pickling book ever. If you ever want to learn how to pickle anything this is all you need. She even tells you how to avoid botulism which I'm sure my family will appreciate.

    • what an exhaustive collection of recipes. an added bonus: the recipes she provides here are for small batches of pickles--you don't have to can 40 jars worth.a fantastic guide.

    • Great variety of pickling recipes although I found the inclusion of the hot peppers in a lot of the recipes to create pickles that were just to hot.

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