Defying Her Billionaire Protector

Defying Her Billionaire Protector You need me to keep you safe Marietta Vincenti is furious when her brother s best friend private security tycoon Nicolas C sar takes her to his Mediterranean island to protect her from a stalker Becau

  • Title: Defying Her Billionaire Protector
  • Author: Angela Bissell
  • ISBN: 9780373060368
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • You need me to keep you safe Marietta Vincenti is furious when her brother s best friend private security tycoon Nicolas C sar takes her to his Mediterranean island to protect her from a stalker Because Marietta isn t weak She survived the accident that cruelly stole the use of her legs and she ll survive now.Battle hardened and scarred, Marietta crashes against the You need me to keep you safe Marietta Vincenti is furious when her brother s best friend private security tycoon Nicolas C sar takes her to his Mediterranean island to protect her from a stalker Because Marietta isn t weak She survived the accident that cruelly stole the use of her legs and she ll survive now.Battle hardened and scarred, Marietta crashes against the impenetrable shield that surrounds this powerful magnate, sensing a kindred spirit beneath But Nico unearths a passion in her that threatens to expose the hopes and dreams she buried long ago Can she take a leap of faith with this man who might undo her completely

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      Addicted to daydreaming and romance from a young age, Angela suspects she was always destined to become a writer although she did travel a convoluted career path on her way to authordom Like many an intrepid Kiwi she also travelled the world, backpacking through Europe, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and the Greek Islands, before settling down to live and work for a few years in London.Now she lives back home in the vibrant harbourside city of Wellington, New Zealand, never taking a day in her beautiful country for granted and loving the challenge of pursuing her writerly dreams.Over the years her list of incurable addictions has expanded to include coffee, chocolate, Pinterest, her iPad, and her husband, though not necessarily in that order Readers can visit Angela at angelabissell or find her on Facebook at facebook angelabissel.

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    • Marietta Vincenti (30-year-old art gallery manager in Rome) has been getting flowers with notes for many weeks from a secret-admirer-turned-stalker. Marietta’s brother (Leo) asks his good friend Nico Cesar (36-year-old Private Security Tycoon) to step in and help his sister.When the stalker breaks into her apartment and leaves rose petals and lingerie on Marietta’s bed Nico and Leo agree that Marietta should temporarily stay with Nico at his island home in Toulon (southern coast of France) t [...]

    • I really hate a beta hero. what is the point in romance? I know that not all men are alpha but when I read a romance of any kind I want an alpha hero! Loved that the heroine was shown to be disabled. Disabled people fall in love too! And have a life.Stalker was not very stalkish would have been better if he were shown to be twisted and evilbut this is a Harlequin.Loved the ending because it was very sweet.Just an okay story nothing to make your heart race or to bring on sighs.

    • What I didn't like: Non virginal heroine. Hero is so beta not alpha at all! What I liked: the epilogue was cute!

    • I am going to read this one simply because of the cover. Seriously, love that an actual disable person is being placed front and center. BRAVO Harlequin! BRAVO

    • The second book in the Irresistible Mediterranean Tycoons takes us to a beautiful island and is the story of Marietta and Nico. Marietta is the sister of Leo Vincento, the hero of book 1 in the series, Surrendering to the Vengeful Italian. Due to youthful arrogance and foolishness, she made a serious error in judgment as a teenager when she got into the car with a drunk driver. The resulting accident killed her friends and left her paralyzed in her lower limbs. Wheelchair bound, surgery after su [...]

    • 3.5 stars, good but not exactly my favorite. Simply because I kinda want to read more intense and deep drama. I mean, this book is much better than any other HQ Presents I've read before, but the complication in it isn't really heart-crunching as I expected. But as the first book of Angela Bissell that I read, I enjoyed it so much! I love the writing, the she described our borderline realistic hot-and-cold Hero and the experience of disabled heroine, definitely caught my attention. Look forward [...]

    • 3.75 starsAnother stalker story! There was never a confrontation with the stalker, and the suspense elements were almost non-existent, so I never felt that uncomfortable surge of anxiety that the heroine would be deadly danger, so all was good. The stalker sub-plot was used as a convenient excuse to whisk Marietta away to Nico's private secluded island. While a touch too convenient, I could roll with it. Who doesn't want to spend a week on a beautiful island with a devastating attractive man?Aft [...]

    • I found this read like an old style Mills & Boon novel. It took me a while to become invested in the story and even then, I didn't really like it that much. Marietta is Italian and Nico is French. Marietta is in a wheelchair after an accident when she was young and Nico is a widow. Both have a few issues that are quickly resolved. Unfortunately, I didn't feel convinced of their love as they were both quite closed off characters. The story lacked emotionC provided by Netgalley.

    • This should have been a Harlequin SUSPENSE/INTRIGUE novel. If you love Suspense/Intrigue HQN books or books with a mystery or crime this is the book for you! Angela Bissell would make an awesome thriller/crime writer - so hopefully at some stage she will do this.Like most people I was attracted by the cover and put it down as must read. I liked the characters, the chemistry was great but BUT.I WANTED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE STALKER not read about the romance of the two characters - great this if [...]

    • Most romances have cookie-cutter plots. But, when one has a heroine who’s been crippled in her youth, that’s enough to make me sit up and take notice. Alas, that’s the only thing that endows this with a difference. Marietta is threatened with an unseen admirer, one who’s been leaving increasingly intimate notes for her along with deliveries of expensive floral bouquets. When he leaves a note along with skank underwear in her home, her bodyguard decides she needs to leave her home and lif [...]

    • This story was just okay and not much more than that, in my opinion. It was rather dry, to be quite frank. I would even dare say that it was a bit dull. Although I loved the refreshing take of seeing romance through the eyes of a para, the love match between the protagonists was simply flat. I could not sense true depth with this couple. With that said, I note that a special consideration was applied in regard to my book rating. I gave this book 3/5 stars for originality and boldness in approach [...]

    • Nico is not a bashful man, 'he took her hand and guided it to his groin. ‘I have something better than coffee to wake you up.’ I liked this book, Marietta knew how to push Nico's buttons the woman didn't back down and challenged him, it was a good thing for Nico.

    • Angela Bissell’s second novel, Defying Her Billionaire Protector, is a sexy, searing and scintillating contemporary romance with a feisty heroine, a gorgeous Alpha hero and plenty of passion, drama and emotion to keep readers engrossed until the very last page!When an accident as a teenager had robbed her of the use of her legs, Marietta Vincenti had vowed not to let this tragic twist of fate interfere with her life or quell her spirit. Independent, strong and intelligent, Marietta has not all [...]

    • Marietta was in a car accident when she was 17.She was the only survivor.As a result, she became paraplegic, uses wheel-chair.Now she is 30 and manages an art gallery in Rome,had one relationship gone sour.Now someone is stalking her, sending note, expensive flowers and sexually connected gifts.Marietta's brother Leo (married +1) asks his friend Nico for help.Nico (36), a Frenchman,grew up in a children's home.He joined the French Foreign Legion at 18 and served for 5 years. (Note- I was sure th [...]

    • ***ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***Defying Her Billionaire Protector, written by Angela Bissell, was a fun romance to read complete with a HEA just like I like. This book checked off a couple of my must haves, a little mystery, intense attraction and a happily ever after. I felt like the mystery was well thought out and explained. It kept my attention throughout the entire book. The romance between Nico and Marietta had great momentum and was intense at some points. And who doe [...]

    • 3.5 Not quite as good as the first one, but definitely still good. I'm still on board with this author. This is about Leonardo's younger sister, Marietta, who is a paraplegic and has required a wheelchair since she was 18 or so. She has a stalker, so for her protection, Leonardo puts her under the protection of security expert, Nico. They find each other attractive, but neither wants to risk their heart having known heartbreak already. But weeks on a island together with nothing to do but spend [...]

    • 4 1/2 STARS!With the second book in her Irresistible Mediterranean Tycoons duet, Angela Bissell takes us on a journey of healing and second chances. The characters are scarred by past experiences that they each carry their own guilt about, and while coming together during danger, they help each other to heal as they begin a foray into the unknown. I liked the story line a lot the only thing I wanted more of was a more realistic account of life in a wheelchair, and I was also surprised that it d [...]

    • So I wanted to read a Mills & Boon book don't judge me. I liked it too. He was a hot French alpha billionaire what's not to like?!?? LOL.

    • Review: What appealed to me more would be the incredibly delectable, honest and vulnerable heroine; she is honest, strong, and disabled. Something that is rarely seen considering how most of the books (like the society) insists upon perfection - the perfect figure, creamy complexion, delicate dispositions. For this alone, I would like to appreciate the author; she created a beautiful heroine who might be physically helpless, but her strength in character makes up for it. The balance between a di [...]

    • The second part of a duet by a new author Ms. Bissell 5 stars it again. Marietta Vicenti is wheelchair bound from an accident.   As bad as that is what is worse is she is being stalked and has no clue who it could be.  Her brother Leo who you met in her first book will do anything he must to protect his sister.  He hires Nicolas Cesar to keep her safe. Nico fears nothing so he will take it upon himself to protect Marietta in whatever way he feels necessary, except she doesn't feel she nee [...]

    • I am a little unsure in how I feel about it this book. The story itself was a little blah, tortured hero, sad past. I was expecting a little more suspense from the stalker/mystery element. Marietta was the only interesting part. I have never read a book about someone in a wheelchair before as a main character so that was very interesting and informative for me. Her character was pretty bad ass and really drove home that not having the use of legs is the same mentally as any issue that is debilit [...]

    • I loved this book because the subject was so dear to my heart. I had a sister who was a paraplegic. She was so much like Marietta, she so strong and independent. No matter what life dealt her, she came out swinging. Sadly we lost in 1999, she was only 55 years old. So thank Angela Bissell for this wonderful story. I look forward to reading more of your books.

    • A great romance. With feelings of protectiveness, Nico will do whatever it takes to keep his friend's sister, Marietta, safe. Will he succeed? Or will the past continue to haunt him? Can Marietta accept his assistance without falling in love? A great read!

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