Badawi: A Novel

Badawi A Novel Published to wide critical acclaim in France Badawi is Mohed Altrad s heartrending debut novel inspired by the author s own narrative arc from Bedouin orphan to engineer and finally billionaire busi

  • Title: Badawi: A Novel
  • Author: Mohed Altrad
  • ISBN: 9780802125798
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Published to wide critical acclaim in France, Badawi is Mohed Altrad s heartrending debut novel, inspired by the author s own narrative arc from Bedouin orphan to engineer and finally billionaire businessman.In the Syrian desert, a young boy watches as his mother dies She was a repudiated woman, abandoned by the boy s powerful father, leaving Ma ouf to his scornful grandmPublished to wide critical acclaim in France, Badawi is Mohed Altrad s heartrending debut novel, inspired by the author s own narrative arc from Bedouin orphan to engineer and finally billionaire businessman.In the Syrian desert, a young boy watches as his mother dies She was a repudiated woman, abandoned by the boy s powerful father, leaving Ma ouf to his scornful grandmother Though the Bedouin tribes have stopped their centuries long travels across the dunes their tents long since converted into sedentary shacks Ma ouf s grandmother wants him to carry on tradition as a shepherd But from the first time he sneaks off to the white walled schoolhouse to watch the other children learn, Ma ouf envisions a different future for himself This is one extraordinary child s story of fighting for an education, and a life, he was never supposed to have, from a tiny desert village to the city of Raqqa, from the university halls of Montpellier on to the oil fields of Abu Dhabi But is a life of exile the one he wants Can a child whose name means the abandoned one ever make a home for himself With each step forward, he feels the love of his youth a steadfast young Syrian woman named Fadia and the shifting, haunted sands of his native village pulling him back toward the past he thought he had left behind.

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      Mohed Altrad Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Badawi: A Novel book, this is one of the most wanted Mohed Altrad author readers around the world.

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    • 3.5 starsThe constraints of length mean that the life of Maiouf, of Mohed himself to some extent, jump from event to event. Yet this makes it a book of vivid pictures. Instead of being left feeling like the story has been treated lightly, the reader feels like they have seen the highlights in full technicolour, the unimportant scenes cut away to leave the others with a far greater impact.Maiouf is a fascinating character. Especially in the first third of the book, the alienation he suffers, the [...]

    • After reading "Badawi", (a novel), I looked up information about Moded Altrad. And 'that's' when I cried!! My Godis story, "Badawi". REALLY 'is' autobiographical. I had read the blurp months ago, but had forgotten about it( at 2am when I started reading this on my paper white). This story breaks my heartt certainly has a happy ending. (not that the happy ending ever erases permanent scars). The author is very successful todayd from what I can tell, a very kind- giving - contributing mana guy mak [...]

    • This novel is sweetly told in a way that reminded me strongly of the children's books And Now Miguel and Esperanza Rising and even Anne of Green Gables although the protagonist is not as overtly plucky or talkative as Anne by any means. Here, in short, is the story of Badawi: He is an orphan, he is wretchedly poor, and he overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve seemingly impossible goals. It's a familiar story. The action is presented in a straightforward manner. The story moves [...]

    • Intéressant roman parlant de l'ascension d'un enfant de Syrie qui vivait dans la campagne reculée et qui grâce à l'éducation a fait des études et a commencé à travailler pour des exploitants pétrochimiques. Son lien à sa terre natale va s'étioler et il va se sentir en conflit partout où il se trouve. Et son histoire d'amour naissante va en pâtir. C'était très juste au niveau des réactions et sentiments qui viennent avec l'âge adulte et comme parfois les circonstances nous perden [...]

    • This slim novel, originally written and published in France, is autobiographical. The author, Mohed Altrad, was born in Syria and his mother died from giving birth to him. His life was filled with indifference and downright hate from his grandmother and father. Maiouf pushed himself into school and this becomes a true rags to riches story. The novel doesn't create that easy a scenario. Maiouf struggles for every crumb of life he can scratch away at and we, the readers struggle with him. Maiouf g [...]

    • Translated from the French this is the author s heartbreaking tale of loss and perseverance growing up Bedouin/Syrian. The writing is both stark and lush and the story is sparse with detail but rather full of deep emotional longing. An interior often quiet and lonely journey into one man s soul reflecting the desert that pushes him and becomes his refuge.

    • “The child had never really believed the storytellers, never really accepted that someone could always win like the heroic soldiers in their tales. But he’d listened to them so often he’d eventually convinced himself that, if you fought, you could always hope.” Page 13“If you don’t listen to your history, you’ll be as light as a cloud in the sky, you’ll never be able to settle, light as a feather carried away on the wind.” Page 18“‘Why does he want to find a liar?’ He ask [...]

    • At first blush, this is a typical upward-mobility, boy from the sticks goes to the big city story, with the message, "You can't go home again." The protagonist, a proxy for the author, was born a Bedouin (Badawi) near Raqqa, Syria, now famous for other sad reasons. An outcast even in his village, he parlays hard work and success in school into a career as a petrochemical engineer, educated in France. The story is well told and moving, though much of it is as old as "Dick Whittington's Cat." The [...]

    • Bedtime reading for a few weeks. The earlier parts of the book that cover the protagonist's childhood were interesting, but the novel ended in a way that felt predictable and even maudlin. The author plays with themes centered on personal relationships within shifting frames of family and community culture complicated by individual transformation. You can take the boy out of the desert but can't take the desert out of the boy--seemed to be the trite moral of the unsatisfying resolution of the no [...]

    • An easy to read, hard to put down book. Nurture or rather the lack of it informs the child who becomes the man who forsakes his roots to achieve success in a capitalistic system but someone who is never able to completely integrate/assimilate into this new world. Maīouf's experience leaves one feeling sad. I am sure this book with resonate with anyone who is interested in exploring the joys and perils of moving from one culture to another; to seeing how adopting a new western culture gradually [...]

    • Read this book in one sitting. Definitely manageable if you have a free weekend for reading.It does all the things a good book is supposed to do. It made me mad when he was treated poorly or other bedouins in the book were treated poorly. It made me happy when he described his love life. But, it also frustrated me because of how distant he seemed to be with Fadia, the main lady character in the novel. If I had been Fadia, I would have shaken him or given up on him ages ago - how that woman put u [...]

    • I loved how he wove in his childhood impacting his early career. The letter from the male character to his love was really good and poetic. Although I was still not fully convinced why he gave up on his love. The story tries to say it was a quest for power. I wish more of that drive had been shown. However, I think the fact the narrator took on another name once he went to France spoke volumes about changing his identity, but in a monlithic way.

    • This short beautifully written and translated novel is definitely a must read if you are interested in the Middle East. Maiouf is a classic character who is not defeated by poverty or anything else. The simple prose and story would be a good one to read with kids. Thanks to edelweiss for the ARC.

    • Même si l'auteur semble s'en cacher, c'est sans doute un roman autobiographique. L'enfance très difficile d'un enfant bédouin, né du mère répudiée, qui finira milliardaire (le livre s'arrête bien avant cependant). Si Altrad est au début trop pompeux, trop poétique, son écriture se simplifie au fil des pages. Le récit en devient de plus en plus captivant.

    • Stunningly beautiful and sad. Perhaps the best piece of fiction I've read in a year, maybe two. Simultaneously evocative in tone of The Little Prince and The Stranger.

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