The Courage Test

The Courage Test Will has no choice His father drags him along on a wilderness adventure in the footsteps of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark whether he likes it or not All the while Will senses that something abo

  • Title: The Courage Test
  • Author: James Preller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Will has no choice His father drags him along on a wilderness adventure in the footsteps of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark whether he likes it or not All the while, Will senses that something about this trip isn t quite right.Along the journey, Will meets fascinating strangers and experiences new thrills, including mountain cliffs, whitewater rapids, and a heart haWill has no choice His father drags him along on a wilderness adventure in the footsteps of legendary explorers Lewis and Clark whether he likes it or not All the while, Will senses that something about this trip isn t quite right.Along the journey, Will meets fascinating strangers and experiences new thrills, including mountain cliffs, whitewater rapids, and a heart hammering bear encounter.It is a journey into the soul of America s past, and the meaning of family in the future In the end, Will must face his own, life changing test of courage.A father and son journey along the Lewis and Clark Trail from Fort Mandan to the shining sea offers readers a genre bending blend of American history, thrilling action, and personal discovery.

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      James Preller born 1961 is the children s book author of the Jigsaw Jones Mysteries, which are published by Corporation He grew up in Wantagh, New York and went to college in Oneonta, New York After graduating from college in 1983, James Preller was employed as a waiter for one year before being hired as a copywriter by Corporation, where he was introduced through their books to many noatable children s authors This inspired James Preller to try writing his own books James Preller published his first book, entitled MAXX TRAX Avalanche Rescue, in 1986 Since that time, James Preller has written a variety of books, and has written under a number of pen names, including Mitzy Kafka, James Patrick, and Izzy Bonkers James Preller lives in Delmar, New York with his wife Lisa and their three childrencmillan author jamesp

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    • Although books about journeys that test characters and prepare them for other tests in life abound, this one is a nice addition to those sorts of books. Will Miller--full name William Meriwether Miller because of his father's obsession with Lewis and Clark--leaves Minneapolis with his father to follow in the footsteps of that great expedition that led to the expansion and settling of the United States and the West. Will is still stinging from what he considers to be his father's desertion after [...]

    • In The Courage Test a road trip/wilderness adventure brings a dad and son closer together. I'm assuming. I didn't finish it. This is a fine book. The writing is engaging. It weaves in the history of Lewis & Clark's expedition and emphasizes that they were the first white people to explore the land -- although I'm unsure it digs any deeper than that. The main character being named William Meriwether Clark is a little too twee for me, and the story's lack of depth and nuance failed to hold my [...]

    • The story: Will's dad whisks him away to follow Lewis and Clark's 200-year-old trail--what's up with that? Along the way, Will figures out that his did isn't as bad as he thoughtright at the same time that they help an illegal immigrant, shoot the rapids, adopt a dog, and turn blue in the Pacific Ocean. Just like Lewis and Clark! Right!?!?June Cleaver's ratings: Language PG; Violence G; Sexual content G; Nudity G; Substance abuse PG; Magic & the occult G; GLBT content G; adult themes (parent [...]

    • William Meriwether Miller's plans for a baseball summer with the All-Stars are nixed by his mother who makes him accompany his dad/ her ex-husband on a trip following the Lewis and Clark Trail. Will's dad is a history professor and Will believes this trip is a father/son bonding and educational trip to experience what the explorers learned. Will does learn what it's like to ride the rapids, camp out, and encounter a bear. He also meets a modern Nez Perce Native American who works in Manhattan an [...]

    • Will is upset with his dad for making him miss his All-Star baseball practices to take him on a trip to explore the footsteps of Lewis and Clark's journey. He is also upset because of his parents' divorce last year. His attitude and voice are realistic for a middle school student going through these things. The story has a little bit of history, wilderness survival, and discovery about one's self and family. I think some kids will be disappointed there isn't more survival and wilderness and migh [...]

    • I picked this book because of its cover: it was clearly trying to be Newbery material.And the first 45% or so didn't disappoint. A little light, a little thin on the page (large fonts, wide margins and line spacing), but a fantastic set up for this coming-of-age adventure.And then we meet the "illegal girl" and the book never seems to recover. I'll think about it some more, but I don't think it adds much to the story. (view spoiler)[(In real life, that 15-year old's pregnancy would be considered [...]

    • Will is not happy that he is missing an important baseball tournament to travel the Lewis and Clark trail with his Dad. His Dad, who divorced his mom, and has lots of weird habits, and cannot throw a baseball to save his life. Like lots of kids, Will alternates frustration with his Dad with moments when he really gets him. As they travel across the West and encounter a Native American banker, a homeless Mexican teenager, and a bear, we learn more about why Will's Dad initiated this journey, and [...]

    • The book I read was the Courage Test by James Preller and its about how Will has to go on a trip with his dad but doesn't want to. Will's parents got divorced and now he lives with him mom, and they are like best friends. Then when will is forced to go on this trip with his dad he is not very happy.I like how the book was kind of educational while it was still fun and entertaining. I wish that the book would talk a little bit more about his mom, but overall it was a pretty good book.I would reco [...]

    • SummaryWilliam Meriwether Miller—named after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame—is not happy about embarking on a wilderness adventure with the father who walked out on him and his mother. It's not what he had in mind for his summer (he's missing the chance to play on the All-Stars baseball team), but his mother insists. So he and his father,( a history professor working on a book about the famous explorers), set off from Minnesota to North Dakota, driving, camping, r [...]

    • I thought that this book was good but was for a younger age. I thought it was boring at times because I felt like I had read it before but I was just reading a book that was like every other adventure book. I thought it was cute how the boy and dad became friend again but it was in a very fake way.

    • It's ok. Not great, not the worst. I found the promises foretold in the beginning of the book fell through - and I just kept waiting for something that never happened. A pretty easy read though. 4th, 5th

    • Five stars for the cover. The rest was pretty good as well. I love a good road trip story, and there was some history thrown in as well as some growing up lessons.

    • Simple, sweet, not contrived. And I loved the way the Lewis and Clark facts were woven into the story. Made me want to learn even more about their explorations.

    • The resolution of the issues between father and son were a little too pat for me, but I enjoyed the intertwining and contrast of history with current day.

    • A cute middle grade novel about a boy and his dad on a summer trip along part of the Lewis and Clark trail. Good for realistic adventure and nature readers.

    • I love a good teen/parent dynamic and this one melted my heart. I also loved the history lesson and it made me want to go out camping and exploring-pretty good for a 200 page book.

    • Fun read for those who already are familiar with the Lewis and Clark expedition, but it's not necessary to know anything about it to enjoy the story!

    • I liked that this book incorporated retracing the journey of Lewis and Clark, but the character development didn't really pull me in.

    • I think that this book is a groat story of bonding, but is not entirely sappy and happy ending, seeing the mom has cancer in the end.

    • "America isn't a place you find, Will, it's a place we continually make anew -- every single day -- by how we treat each other."William Meriweather Miller (named for William Clark and Meriweather Lewis) does NOT want to retrace the path of Lewis and Clark with his professor father this summer. He wants to play all-star baseball. But his mother insists that he go. Since their separation, Will hasn't spent much time with his father. Is that why his mother is so keen on the trip? "So out we went, h [...]

    • How many kids can talk about the time their parent(s) forced them to do something they didn't want to? How many kids can talk about the time they got so angry with their parents, they did something stupid which wound up hurting them more than their parents? How many kids have found themselves alienated from one or both of their parents? How many kids have been forced to face life-changing choices? Well those are the kids for whom this book was written.Life is full of choices, but sometimes the c [...]

    • Middle school student Will has plans for the summer. All-Stars starts this week and his mother is pushing him out the door. Will Meriwether Miller is going to travel down the Lewis and Clark Trail with his father, a professor of American History. Will’s dad is a Lewis and Clark fanatic and has been working on a book on, you guessed it, Lewis and Clark for over ten years. Will was even named after them. Will is pissed at his dad is because he father moved out he moved out of the house and now h [...]

    • This book is a very adventurist book. It is about a kid who dreadfully doesn't want to go on a trip with his dad. The trip is following where Lewis and Clark went to discover most of America. It is a very interesting book. I recommend it.

    • E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineWilliam Merriweather Miller's parents are divorced, and he's not taking it well, especially since his dad is dating. When his father "forces" him to accompany him on a trip following Lewis and Clark's trail so he can finish a book, Will has to spend more time with his father than he would like. On their way, they pick up a pregnant 15-year-old girl who is trying to get to her cousin's house. They also meet up with a friend of the dad's, Ollie, a lawyer with [...]

    • A father takes his son on a road trip following the Lewis and Clark trail. The voice of Will our narrator sometimes sounded contrived. There was a lot of heavy handed foreshadowing and I really, really didn't like the addition of Maria Rosa as a character. The author seems to treat her as a Sacagawea parallel and it just doesn't work. then there is the fact that there were a ton of things Will 'just knew' for example the first time he saw Maria Rosa he knew he would be seeing her again and then [...]

    • Will is not exactly thrilled when his historian father brings him along on a road trip following in the footsteps of explorers Lewis and Clark. He and his dad aren't close to begin with, and there might be bears out there in the woods! Still, long days on the road together combined with encounters with various people along the way, help bring Will and his dad to an understanding - at least until the true reason for their adventure is revealed. The Courage Test is the type of father-son story I w [...]

    • James Preller astounded me with BYSTANDER. It's been a staple in our Middle School Library for years. As I started COURAGE TEST, I initially believed it would be a good match for 4th-6th graders seeking survival and/or historical fiction. As I progressed, I was hopeful that it might be a great assigned class novel for upper elementary students who were studying Lewis and Clark. This book COULD meet the bill for my latter target, except for the introduction of a teenage pregnancy. With that eleme [...]

    • Will is taken, against his will, on a summer vacation trip with his father, a professor, seeking to follow the path of Lewis and Clark. Will is pouting at having to miss summer baseball and is intent on sabotaging his father's plans to going so far as to throw his phone out the car window. Oops! Now totally cut off from the outside world Will is surprised at how much he is starting to enjoy learning history by actually repeating it. Still something seems a little strange and Will refuses to comp [...]

    • William Merriwether Miller, (Will) named after the noted explorer, has a Lewis & Clark history buff father, who teaches at a university and is writing a book on the subject. After his parents' divorce, Will is sullen when forced to go on a cross-country trip with his father along the Lewis & Clark trail. The ultimate camping trip draws dad and son closer as Will is tested by white water rapids, weary hikes, a mother bear, and an unexpected illness. Will emerges with the spirit to keep go [...]

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