Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come In Kingdom Come the first in a new mystery series from Jane Jensen an ex NYPD detective seeks escape in Amish country and finds darkness instead When a beautiful scantily clad English girl is found

  • Title: Kingdom Come
  • Author: Jane Jensen
  • ISBN: 9780425282892
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Kingdom Come, the first in a new mystery series from Jane Jensen, an ex NYPD detective seeks escape in Amish country and finds darkness instead.When a beautiful, scantily clad English girl is found dead in the barn of a prominent Amish family, Detective Elizabeth Harris knows she s uncovered an evil that could shatter the peace of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania EvenIn Kingdom Come, the first in a new mystery series from Jane Jensen, an ex NYPD detective seeks escape in Amish country and finds darkness instead.When a beautiful, scantily clad English girl is found dead in the barn of a prominent Amish family, Detective Elizabeth Harris knows she s uncovered an evil that could shatter the peace of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Even though Elizabeth s boss is convinced this was the work of an English , as outsiders are called, Elizabeth isn t so sure Now Elizabeth must track down a killer with deep ties to a community that always protects its own no matter how deadly the cost.

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      Jane Jensen is the game designer of the popular and critically acclaimed Gabriel Knight adventure games and author of the novels Judgement Day and Dante s Equation.Jane Jensen was born Jane Elizabeth Smith, the youngest of seven children She received a BA in Computer Science from Anderson University in Indiana and worked as a systems programmer for Hewlett Packard Her love of both computers and creative writing eventually led her to the computer gaming industry and Sierra Online where she worked as a writer on Police Quest III The Kindred and EcoQuest The Search for Cetus After co designing King s Quest VI Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow with veteran game designer Roberta Williams, Jensen designed her first solo game Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers, which was released in 1993 The dark, supernatural mystery was a departure for Sierra but the game was enthusiastically received, with the strength of Jensen s writing, along with the game s horror and gothic sensibilities coming in for particular praise from the gaming press and earning the title Computer Gaming World s Adventure Game of the Year title.Jensen followed up Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers with two sequels The Beast Within A Gabriel Knight Mystery in 1995 and Gabriel Knight 3 Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned in 1999 Somewhat unusually for an adventure game series, each Gabriel Knight title was produced in an entirely different format to the others Whereas the original was a traditional 2D animated game, the sequels were realised through full motion video and a custom built 3D engine, respectively Despite further acclaim for Jensen s design in both cases The Beast Within was Computer Gaming World s Game of the Year , the large expenses associated with making the sequels, coupled with the declining marketability of adventure games especially within Sierra meant that a fourth in the series was not commissioned.In 1996, Jensen published a novelization of the first Gabriel Knight game A second Gabriel Knight novelization followed in 1998 In 1999, Jensen published her first non adapted novel, Millennium Rising later retitled Judgment Day Her fourth book, Dante s Equation was published in 2003 Dante s Equation was nominated for the Philip K Dick Award.Jensen has been involved in designing casual online games at Oberon Media, of which she is a co founder Her work in the Hidden Object light adventure category can partially be credited with moving casual games in the direction of full adventure games in puzzle and story sophistication Some of her notable recent hits include Deadtime Stories 2009 and Dying for Daylight 2010 After leaving Oberon in 2011, she briefly worked at Zynga.Jensen s most recent full adventure game was called Gray Matter, which was developed by Wizarbox and published by dtp entertainment in 2010 On April 2, 2008 the game, originally intended to be developed by Hungarian software house Tonuzaba, switched to another developer, French company Wizarbox as a result, the tentative release was changed and shifted to 2010.Jane Jensen owns a farm in Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband, composer Robert Holmes, who composed the music for the Gabriel Knight series and for Gray Matter On April 5, 2012, the couple announced the formation of Pinkerton Road, a new game development studio to be headquartered on their Lancaster, Pennsylvania farm The studio will use a Community Supported Gaming CSG model to give subscribers direct access to the games they produce, similar to Community Supported Agriculture CSA where small farms provide consumers with regular produce deliveries With this announcement, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds for the studio s first year of game development.Jensen is also a story consultant on Phoenix Online Studios adventure game Cognition An Erica Reed Thriller.

    333 thoughts on “Kingdom Come

    • 3 1/2 stars. I'm perfectly happy to read a decent mystery, with a good cast of characters and an interesting setting, and that's what I got with Kingdom Come. Elizabeth Harris is a cop, who moves from New York City to rural Pennsylvania after her husband is killed. She joins a small local police force. A dead girl is found on a local Amish farm. Harris has to figure out how to get information from members of this closed tight community. Although her superiors acknowledge that she has great exper [...]

    • A systems programmer and game designer-cum-creative writer, Jane Jensen has stepped away from her Gabriel Knight adventure series to debut a mystery novel. This is my first time reading this author; in looking over Ms. Jensen’s previous works, I see that she has used religious themes and symbolism in some of her adventure stories, and in this novel, she uses the Amish way of life as her backdrop. The author has introduced a promising new character, Elizabeth “E” Harris. Harris is a homicid [...]

    • This book would have been a lot better without the Amish romance.The premise is interesting enough if you like the standard trope of "big city detective has to solve crime in an unfamiliar culture." Elizabeth Harris is a former NYPD detective who moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after her husband was murdered. She is getting used to the slower pace of things, trying to establish herself on the force without being perceived either as weak or as an obnoxious ball-buster, and of course angsting ov [...]

    • I both liked and disliked this book. The like: set in Lancaster PA Amish country the reticence of the Amish to engage with the "English" has a definite ring of truth. I can understand their desire to be left alone. Ms. Jensen writes well, makes some of the characters appealing, and others less so. The dislike: Detective Harris being unable to put her lust aside while investigating the crime. This dislike may be due to my not liking romances in general and particularly those that start with lust [...]

    • GoodReads GiveawayOverall I liked this book, interesting characters, realistic setting (and I visit Lancaster, Pa often) and a good mystery butThe romance was a little too much, too fast. I'm guessing Jensen is planning a series with these characters, and I look forward to that, but I think it would have been better if Elizabeth and Ezra's relationship was developed over a few books.

    • 2.5Wouldn't have been as cheesy if the love story had been omitted. But, the writing was weak.

    • Whoa. This was a random purchase resulting from Audible's "Daily Deal" series I was drawn in by the balance between the Amish community and an experienced big city (female) detective. I didn't know if I'd LOVE it or if it'd flop, but figured that I'd be okay with the $3.00 risk. And, what a win! I couldn't stop listening to this one. Couldn't. Stop. Listening. Jensen's ability to make interesting characters, an intense plot line, and maintain tension between the substories is what earns this boo [...]

    • Why does every novel that contains a female detects protagonist use the same female chacter for that role?The woman is always beautiful, considered the best derective around, and she immediately gains the respect & loyalty of her male squad, & she is haunted by a death or break up or some other trauma that women can't let go of.Surely, if an author can write an intricate mystery or who-gone-it, they can create an original character.(kindly ignore typos- they're the result of brain cancer [...]

    • I enjoyed this 1st in a new mystery series. It was more an introduction than a riveting mystery. The stories take place in Amish country with a young, savvy woman detective solving the murders. I really like the characters, which I hope to learn more about in future books. (Don't pick it up if you can't overlook strong language. Some disturbing elements due to the type of crime. Romantic thread.)

    • Detective Elizabeth Harris returns home after her husband is murdered. Now she is a member of team that have been called to an Amish farm to find an "English" girl murdered and posed in a barn. All clues point to the Amish but they close ranks. Then a disappearance of an Amish girl is discovered and linked to the murdered girl. How do they connect. Now Elizabeth has started a friendship with a widowed Amish man and cannot fight the growing attraction to him. He is a suspect in her case and she k [...]

    • NYPD detective Elizabeth Harris leaves New York City after the murder of her husband Terry and returns to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She’s hoping the quiet setting of the Amish countryside will be a respite from big city life and crime. Elizabeth starts a new police job in Lancaster County; and it’s not long before she and partner/boss, Lt. Mike Grady, are called to an Amish farm where an “English” girl has been found dead. Elizabeth begins asking questions, but she finds the Amish do not [...]

    • 4.5 An "English" detective takes on the murder investigation of an Amish girl and her "English" (non-Amish) best friend. Although you get an idea about whodunit and why as the story progresses, there's also a - spoiler alert - love story element that didn't put me off as much as some other books with this device have. It's done well, I think, and is quite believable. I love these fascinating looks into the lives of another religion and culture, particularly the Amish. I couldn't put this book do [...]

    • I picked this up during one of Audible's sales. I worried that it would be a boring police procedural. I needn't have worried. I enjoyed it very much and I'm now listening to the second book in the series.

    • Dollycas’s ThoughtsDetective Elizabeth Harris comes home from New York after her husband was murdered. She needs a quieter life to start over. But life at home isn’t at all what she expected. A body is found in a barn in the heart of the Amish community. The young girl is “English”, and her body had clearly been moved. Why would she be here were violence is condemned and life is “simple”? As the most experienced officer Elizabeth is assigned to the case, she thinks the killer is near [...]

    • For a more in depth review, please visit my blog, Chorley Chronicals!!I absolutely love Linda Castillo's Kate Burkholder series, so when I came across Kingdom Come, I was very interested to see how another author would approach an Amish Murder Series with another female detective. I was a little apprehensive at first, but was able to quickly get lost in the story of Elizabeth Harris, a former NYPD detective that has recently relocated back to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and has quickly found [...]

    • Listened for Fun (Audible)Overall Rating: 3.50Story Rating: 3.50Character Rating: 3.50Audio Rating: 4.00 (not part of the overall rating)First Thought when Finished: The mystery in Kingdom Come was excellent there was just a little too much relationship drama.Overall Thoughts: I am a big fan of Gabriel Knight (a video game series) and so I knew that Jane Jensen wrote excellent storylines that are methodical and compelling. I am thrilled that translates into the ability to write really good novel [...]

    • Death would be a cruel and unwelcome thief.Detective Elizabeth Harris has come back to Lancaster County from her beat in New York. She is ready to take life a little simpler after the tragic death of her husband. When the murder of a young girl shows up in a Amish barn, she begins to wonder if there is any simplicity left. As she uncovers the identity of the victim, it becomes personal and leads to another victim. The Amish are not forth coming in helping the department with case and it becomes [...]

    • Elizabeth, known as E, returns home to Pennsylvania Dutch country after her husband is murdered. An experienced NYPD detective, she's hired by the local police force. She's called to investigate a body of an "English" girl found in an Amish barn. The investigation follows many different leads and then a second body, this time an Amish girl, is found similarly dead. It turns out that these girls were friends, planning to run away to a more exciting life.The mystery unfolds as a conflict of two di [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Murder mystery. Set in Amish community. Heroine: Female detective with agency and a few blind spots. Romantic interest: Amish man. 1st POV. Reasonably easy to guess whodunit, IMHO.

    • Interesting detective murder mystery set in Amish country. I could easily be convinced to read more in this series.

    • 3.5, but I bumped it up for the earlier good feelings and because I didn’t guess the murderer. It didn’t end with such good feelings because the epilogue jumped ahead 7 months and skipped over some important life events which could have developed over multiple books. I’m disappointed in how they rushed the relationship as the book went on and how the relationship seemed a bigger story than the actual murder investigation. I was anticipating half a dozen books of them flirting and dating an [...]

    • Trigger warnings: murder, sexual abuse, loss of a baby (in the past), death of a spouse (in the past). Not gonna lie, pretty much the only reason why I picked up this book is that it's set in Pennsylvania and I'm trying to read books set in every US state this year. So. Anyway. This was intriguing to begin with. A dead girl is found on an Amish farm, and Elizabeth Harris, the detective on the case, finds it difficult to get any answers out of the Amish community. She also finds herself inexplica [...]

    • Leaving behind the law enforcement hassles of a big city, Detective Elizabeth Harris relocates to rural Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and goes to a work for a small town police force that rarely see major crimes. The uneventful life she hoped to find is shattered when the body of a young woman is found in the barn of an Amish elder. Her investigation leads in directions that her supervisor finds uncomfortable, and she crosses an ethical line that puts her job in jeopardy. Compulsively, she pers [...]

    • The story opens with a pretty English teen found dead in an Amish barn. Elizabeth Harris is determined to discover what happened to her. E as she likes to be called grew up in Lancastor PA and has returned after working as a NYC police detective. After her husband is killed in a robbery she is back home and working for the Lancastor PD. It seems to be going in circles to nowhere this investigation. Then the teen is connected to a missing Amish girl that was wild her parents say. E keeps looking [...]

    • Pretty generic murder-mystery. The protagonist is a "tough" NYC cop who comes back to Pennsylvania's Amish country. While investigating a murder, she becomes attracted to an Amish man who is trying to leave that way of life. The characters are not very believable, nor is their sudden attraction to one another. I could've done without the romantic aspect of this book. I was genuinely surprised at the ending, however implausible it was.

    • For me, this was certainly an interesting and unique twist in the murder mystery genre. I don't recall seeing the idea of bringing in the Amish, unless you want to include a Harrison Ford movie. Of course there are untrusted outcasts and new friendships and other usual plot items that you can expect, but this is a new, or at least unusual, aspect for them. Certainly worth a listen (or read), I'm glad I picked it up as an Audible Daily Deal.

    • Fast paced mystery about the death of a young girl who was found in the barn of a member of the Amish community. The female detective, Liz Harris, has come home to Lancaster County from New York City and their police department after the death of her husband. She ends up solving the mystery and finds a new love of her life in the process. Seems to be a win-win after risking her life to get to that point!

    • Great story! (view spoiler)[Horse is the most awesome character of course. (hide spoiler)]I'm a big fan of Jane's writing style since the end of 2013. I'm very glad I waited for the right mood to start reading this book. I'm pretty sure I'm going to reread this story in a few years.

    • The story had an amazing beginning and I was captured right away. The author spent time building the characters which helped with the ending.

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