A Wizard of Dreams

A Wizard of Dreams Gordon Bennett was born on th August with extraordinary powers Where have those powers come from Who or what is Zack His mother begins to notice when he is months old Key events indicate his p

  • Title: A Wizard of Dreams
  • Author: Robin Chambers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
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  • Gordon Bennett was born on 7th August 1999 with extraordinary powers Where have those powers come from Who or what is Zack His mother begins to notice when he is 5 months old Key events indicate his powers are getting strongerHow does he deal with bullies How about ghosts, fairies and wizards How seriously weird do things get around his eleventh birthdGordon Bennett was born on 7th August 1999 with extraordinary powers Where have those powers come from Who or what is Zack His mother begins to notice when he is 5 months old Key events indicate his powers are getting strongerHow does he deal with bullies How about ghosts, fairies and wizards How seriously weird do things get around his eleventh birthday And what has his sixteen greats grandmother to do with it Very few children get to go where he gets to goAt the end of Book 1 he finds out for certain that he s not the only one There s a girl in the frameThis story will make you laugh quite a lot, but I warn you that in places it makes me cry.

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      In the mid 70s I wrote some stories for children and Penguin published them At the time my heart was in inner city education, and I pursued a very time consuming career in it as the Principal Headteacher of a Coeducational High School in Hackney East London.After my second retirement, Amy and I lived in Belize for 3 years and were involved with the Orchid Garden Eco Village Hotel see trybelize We came back to the UK at the beginning of 2011, and I embarked on Myrddin s Heir a story about children with special powers, born to make this world a better place.The first 5 books in the series are now available from the Kindle Store at 99p each US 1.30 I hope you ll want to check out my website myrddinsheir watch my video, and see if you d like to get involved

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    • At first I thought this book is meant for far younger people and being an author myself I persisted mainly because I wished to see how Robin had handled using long words. I am so pleased I continued because not only was my question answered - the author had used the words then offered a glossary, something I would never have considered for younger readers.Within the 1st few pages I knew that the author had been or was a schoolteacher because, in his writing, questions are asked which he voluntee [...]

    • This tale is told with a perspective I would have never considered. At first I was a little surprised to find the tale told when Gordon was just a small baby, but as the time passed, an exquisite tale began to unfold that has the power to capture both the young and adult reader. Gordon's unique view of the world is one that many of us could learn from. Who can not find a smile when a bully has his comeuppance? Who would not wish for an imaginary friend who could really stand between you and the [...]

    • Myrddin's Heir, Book 1: A Wizard of Dreams is a delightful, fresh twist on aspects of Arthurian legend, in the style of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series. We follow the tale of the early years of Gordon, a boy with extraordinary powers and a legendary destiny, on a journey of self-discovery through several fascinating adventures that had me eagerly turning the pages. From antics in school to a (quite literally) haunting family vacation in the British countryside, to Avalon itself, this bo [...]

    • HAPPINESS, SADNESS, MYSTERY AND MAGIC!Fantasy is not normally the kind of book I read, but because I'm in a book club it forced me to take a look. I must say I was captivated from the beginning when Gordon was born and his alter ego was there with him. Zack has been with Gordon ever since. I like the way Robin works the characters into my heart - Gordon especially and his sidekick Zack. But his mother Edith never ceased to amaze me with her own ability to perceive a situation and mind-read almos [...]

    • Gracious me, what a lovely surprise A WIZARD OF DREAMS is! The writing is superb and bright, a modern invocation of ancient, mythical powers colored by Brit English. Without pandering to mainstream, fantasy expectations, this modern story chronicles the early life of a supernaturally gifted, marginalized boy named Gordon, and his invisible guide, Zack. Like any good Dickensian protagonist, Gordon encounters difficulties that reveal the underbelly of his world, the dirty edges of a “real” soc [...]

    • From the first sentence, I found Robin Chambers "A Wizard of Dreams" charming, fun, inventive, and intriguing! I loved the childhood struggles and the resulting dream sequences. The characters were well-drawn, and I found myself hoping for redemption for even the meanest bully. Mysterious power, magic, and history are on display in this first book in the Myrddin's Heir series. I highly recommend this read for all ages!

    • Review brought by Geekly ReviewWhen Robin Chambers asked me if I was interested in reviewing ‘Myrddin’s Heir, A Wizard of Dreams’, I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to expect at all. Reading has always been a pastime and hobby of mine, but as time has gone by I have increasingly moved into darker types of literature rather than their more innocent counterparts. So, despite the fact that this novel falls out of the genres I’m more used to reading, did I enjoy it? Certainly. I h [...]

    • Myrddin's Heir, Book 1 A Wizard of Dreamsby Robin ChambersTo really enjoy the book, it's important to understand that it is the beginning of a long series. That puts the style and action in perspective. I forget how long the series is going to be but it's long enough to reach double figures of books and for the author to express concerns about living to finish it! I hope he does because once you get into the way the story is told it's fun. Gordon and Zac, his 'invisible' friend - or at least, in [...]

    • "A Wizard of Dreams" follows the fates of precocious child Gordon, who has many very special (magical) talents and a (not so) imaginary friend, Zack. My Wee Girls are big fantasy and adventure fans, so I read this to them at bedtime over a couple of weeks; the "bitesized" chapters seem made for this! Though they're just 8 and 3 (thus younger than the suggested age range for the book), my girls enjoyed the book a great deal, with the 8yo even talking about what might happen next several times whe [...]

    • A Wizard of Dreams by Robin Chambers @myrddinsheir #RRBCthis book, and it's adventures of Gordon and Zack, would be excellent for the younger set I would even go so far as to say that it would make a fun bedtime story read for the really young some might look at the few complicated words and exclude it from the extremely young reading list, but we always loved words in my house, and I learned how to use and enjoy these words by having those around me refrain from simplifying their own language I [...]

    • I spent each night reading A Wizard of Dreams with my nine-year-old. We would take turns reading a chapter at time, enjoying every minute of this book. What was certainly a five star read for myself, was more of a ten star book for my son--he loved it. It has, by far, been his favorite summertime reading material to this point. Mr. Chambers has laced an intriguing story with a plethora of wonderful lessons and teaching points that had my son craving more. I haven't seen my son that engrossed in [...]

    • I was hooked from the dancing Teddy Bear! It just one of the images Robin Chambers creates and it is indicative of his wonderful imagination. This book is an absolute gem. It is well written with a faultless plot and above all it is simply intriguing. All I can say is read it and spread the word as it deserves to be read!

    • Posted on behalf of my son - 12 years old.I really enjoyed the story which I felt was interesting with lots of original characters. I liked the way magic was portrayed in the book and that there was a mix of humour as well. It was very easy to read and I think it would appeal to other children of my ag who enjoy magical adventures.

    • This was a very good story with strong characters. The first several chapters were difficult for me to follow. It seemed to jump around. It didn't feel smooth to read. The second half of the book had a much smoother flow to it. This book just didn't fit me well.

    • A special kid with an even more special friend that make everyone around them wondering what's the matter with them. A great read for any children or young adult. I strongly comment it!

    • This is a YA book by author intent. The story is good for the age group the writing style is meant for. And by that, I mean the younger end of the YA age group. There are some stylistic issues, plot issues, etc that can be passed over due to this. Some issues can be credited to the book being written by an Englishman for kids he is familiar with.The main thing here is to know your kids. Know what they can handle and what they can't. There are some scenes in this, that could scare or give nightma [...]

    • "A Wizard of Dreams (Myrddin's Heir)" by Robin Chambers is a very well written book. I would venture to place this story into the YA Fantasy genre as its hero and its supporting characters are all contained within the world of a youth/young adult and in my opinion would appeal to this age audience most strongly. I purchased this novel because it was the most appealing selection presented for reading/review in an online book club. I am also a big fan of fantasy, Tolkien and Lewis being among my f [...]

    • Not since reading C.S. Lewis's Narnia books have I so much enjoyed a novel written for children of all ages, especially those who have managed to preserve the infinitely curious magical child in their heart. In his `Myrddin's Heir' series Robin Chambers masterfully brings magic right up to date, while exciting the imagination about its long reach of influence in the past.So far I have only read the first book, `A Wizard of Dreams,' but am eagerly anticipating continuing the adventure throughout [...]

    • Gordon Darling was an extremely early developed wonder child. Speaking words at just mere months old and building complex models before he was five years old. He has an imaginary friend called Zack who helps and guides him. They can communicate telepathically which helps in the presence of others.Together they travel in Gordon's dreams. In the real world, Gordon is so advanced that when he goes to Nursery he becomes the teacher's assistant and with Zack's help they teach bullies lessons and help [...]

    • 3.5 StarsI purchased this book from back in October 2014, and ended up shelving it for a while. I finally got around to giving it another go. Gordon Bennett is a wonder child with a rather special invisible friend, Zack. In fact, Gordon is so advanced that when he begins nursery at the age of 4 and 3/4, he becomes the teacher's assistant. As well as his abilities and knowledge being enhanced by Zack, it turns out that Gordon has his own abilities.The beginning of the book felt like it opened st [...]

    • What an amazing book is "Myrddin's Heir, A Wizard of Dreams," by Robin Chambers! The first in a series, it is the story of the early years of a young boy apprentice named Gordon. (Apprentice to whom, I won't say—that's half the fun.) Gordon is quite different from the other children. Among his differences is the fact that he has an imaginary friend, Zack, with whom he converses. The two of them are inseparable, and Gordon holds sway with the bullies at preschool and later primary school with Z [...]

    • Gordon Bennett is a precocious modern day lad who at age five months can use his first words to introduce “Ma-ma” to “Zack” though at first she takes the name as baby babble. It takes months more for her to misidentify Zack as an imaginary friend and years to learn that Gordon and Zack are far more than your average, or even precocious, pair of boys imaginary and real.Fun and refreshingly sophisticated for a children’s tale of modern wizardry, A Wizard Of Dreams is Book 1 in The Myrddi [...]

    • Interesting book! I enjoyed A Wizard of Dreams, but it took a while for me to get into the story. I didn’t understand what the book was about in the beginning, but when I did later, I enjoyed the book very much. I would have gotten into the story much earlier if I had watched the book video first. I didn’t make the connection that Gordon was to be Myrddin’s (Merlin’s) replacement when Myrddin passed on to wherever wizards pass on to.Another misstep on my part was not noticing the “help [...]

    • A Wizard of Dreams is a delightful book. It tells the story of young Gordon Bennett and his invisible friend, Zack, as they travel to different worlds, learning important lessons along the way. Gordon, it turns out, is a special boy, with special powers who is destined for great things. I love the dynamic between Gordon and Zack. In many ways they remind me of Calvin and Hobbes, with Zack playing the role of the wise yet young at heart tiger. The mystery surrounding Zack's true identity is maste [...]

    • Stimulates the imagination!Wizards, fairies, spirits from long ago, time travel, mental telepathy and a Spirit attendee are just part of the adventure you’ll find in The Wizard of Dreams. From the first paragraph, we know that Gordon, who is just moving out of his toddler years and ready to begin school, is an extraordinary boy. He has what his mum refers to as a “imaginary friend,” but whom we find as we read on is either a guardian angel, spirit guide, or an alter-ego of this extremely g [...]

    • I recently finished reading 'A Wizard of Dreams,' and it is a delightful book. My only regret is that my six children are all young adults now, and I can only imagine, what it would have been like to sit in a circle with them; and read this book aloud. Their endless questions, comments, and that familiar plea, "please Mom just one more chapter."Robin Chambers needs to be acknowledged as one of the great writers of children's stories. He has an excellent command of the English language, and an in [...]

    • I was intrigued by this book's aim to be for ages 10 - 110 years, how could it appeal to both children and adults alike? Well the simple answer is, it just does. The adventures into fantasy and dreamlands appeal to younger readers (my eldest daughter) and the well written descriptions and dialogue were most entertaining for me.I loved the way the story develops as the main character Gordon grows. I really had no idea of where the story was going at the start. With each chapter Gordon's relations [...]

    • I was sold on this book when I came across the book trailer. It was beautifully done with a robed figure that immediately made me think of Merlin, or Gandalf, or heck eve Obiwan Kenobi any one of the wise. It immediately sparked my childhood sense of wonder. Robin Chamber's book continued that through his tale. The story picks up with a boy named Gordon. Gordon has gifts as he discovers through childhood interactions with classmates. Often picking the smaller kids to win races and assisting them [...]

    • Robin Chambers has written a truly magical story which can be enjoyed by adults as well as children. For those people like myself who were born and brought up in a very different country with a different language and culture, it was an opportunity to learn a lot about Myrddin and the mythologies surrounding the wizard Merlin as well as getting insights into what it is like to live in the United Kingdom.Gordon's adventures did not let me off the hook! He was born with magical powers and a guardia [...]

    • This review is from: A Wizard of Dreams (Myrddin's Heir Book 1) (Kindle Edition) This book is brilliant for lovers of fantasy, and even those unfamiliar with the genre, it is well written, compelling and difficult to put down. The characters. the story, every aspect of the work is excellently planned, it is clear that a lot of effort, time and thought has gone into creating this magical story.As I don't want to include spoilers I will say very little about the content of the book, but reading it [...]

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