My Name is Abu Salem

My Name is Abu Salem Mumbai has produced many dons but perhaps none so colourful as Abu Salem The flamboyant ex aide of Dawood Ibrahim is best known for his involvement in the Mumbai blasts of and for the murder of m

  • Title: My Name is Abu Salem
  • Author: S. Hussain Zaidi
  • ISBN: 9780143423591
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mumbai has produced many dons but perhaps none so colourful as Abu Salem The flamboyant ex aide of Dawood Ibrahim is best known for his involvement in the Mumbai blasts of 1993 and for the murder of music composer Gulshan Kumar But he became equally famous for his relationship with actress Monica Bedi and his close connection to Bollywood, leading to a number of attempteMumbai has produced many dons but perhaps none so colourful as Abu Salem The flamboyant ex aide of Dawood Ibrahim is best known for his involvement in the Mumbai blasts of 1993 and for the murder of music composer Gulshan Kumar But he became equally famous for his relationship with actress Monica Bedi and his close connection to Bollywood, leading to a number of attempted murders of the film industry s biggest names Now comes the ultimate telling of his life from the writer who knows the Mumbai underworld better than anyone else Gripping, full of unknown details and first hand accounts, My Name is Abu Salem is another unputdownable book from Hussain Zaidi.

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    • S. Hussain Zaidi

      Hussain Zaidi is an Indian author and former investigative journalist His works include Dongri to Dubai Six Decades of the Mumbai Mafia, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, Black Friday, and My Name is Abu Salem.

    586 thoughts on “My Name is Abu Salem

    • I had heard a lot about S. Hussain Zaidi’s writing but had never read anything by the man. I do not know why. Perhaps, there was always this perception that maybe the writing will not live up to my expectations as a reader or maybe I would not enjoy knowing about the Bombay Underworld and about the other world, so to say. But I was proved wrong the minute I picked up, “My Name is Abu Salem”, the latest by journalist and writer, S. Hussain Zaidi.Going by the title, the book is about the lif [...]

    • Scene 1 : Exterior Shot – A house in rural Kerala. Poverty stricken family. Enter the hero, 25 + years old, unemployed and educated and in a rage. Hero’s father – old man ; 75 + years of age and Hero's mother - 60 + years and unremarkable are in the roomFather (seething with rage) : You have brought disgrace to the family ! This is unforgivable ! Son : But father, I am innocent….Father (voice rising with each syllable) : Not another word from you ! Get out of my house !Son : Mother, you [...]

    • The one thing that keeps me buying Zaidi's books is the inimitable manner in which he becomes a fly on the wall of Mumbai's most dangerious criminals and fiercest cops alike. 'My Name is Abu Salem' tracks the life and times of Abu Salem - the man whose crime career is perhaps best known for Gulshan Kumar's brutal murder and whose personal life is best known for his relationship with Monica Bedi.What goes against the book however, is the small parts that you will find slightly repetitive in case [...]

    • Totally intriguing, will keep you glued till the end. Considered as the ultimate Don of Mumbai mafia, who wouldn't want to know about his journey from being a school drop out to being one of the most dreaded gangster. This book (not a fiction) has each and every single detail about this man. Life story of a gangster very smartly and professionally written by a talented journalist and novelist S Hussain Zaidi. It's a must read.

    • I was gifted this book by a complete stranger, someone who had no idea of my taste in literature. But, being the sort who will conscientiously at least try to read anything that comes my way, I decided to give My Name is Abu Salem a try. Not that organized crime interests me. Not that I follow crime news very carefully or knew anything about Abu Salem except that he was one of the most wanted Indian criminals in recent times. Not that I find the sleaze of 90s’ Hindi cinema—both onscreen and [...]

    • I don't have any doubt to say that Abu Salem was rightly to be optimistic about His charms.I enjoyed the book and it answered all question I had about former right hand of Anis Ibrahim. To my surprise famous lawyer Shahid Azami also belonged to Azamgarh, hometown of Abu Salem.

    • A book by Mr. Zaidi is impossible to ignore and kept aside for few hours once you start reading it, at least for me. I had all my hopes up when I started with the book and in my excitement I would have finished the book in two days but the curiosity about various characters and incidences in the book kept me busy searching and reading about them before I went ahead with next chapter.I am Abu Salem is another book in the series about Mumbai Mafia by S. Hussain Zaidi, first being Dongri to Dubai. [...]

    • I like Hussain Zaidi's books. He writes on people we are all curious about- the hard core criminals of the country. I finished this book in a few hours since I spent quite a lot of time at the airport and on the flight this weekend.This book tracks the life of Abu Salem from birth till now. It's a fascinating read because Hussain gives details like how Abu thinks he is as good looking as a star and is looking for fame. It also focuses on his wives and the relationship with Monica Bedi without en [...]

    • Hussain Zaidi like we all know is a brilliant writer. HE makes crime fiction look so interesting. The book narrates the story of Abu Salem and the recod of his crimes and love affairs.The most interesting chapter was about his first wife's revenge and the entry of Monica Bedi. Sad that she didn't do the interview, but without that as well the write got enough dope on their relationship. However, it would have been interesting to see some pictures of the infamous man.The book is engaging and you [...]

    • Happy to have chosen this as the first book I read in 2018 as I was looking for a quick read to build up some momentum and get back into the habit of reading regularly. And the book didn't disappoint in that department - the writing is breezy and fast-paced and the entire novel can be read in a few hours.In terms of the actual content and substance in the book, I'm quite let down. There must definitely be enough material there to write a non-fiction thriller. Instead, the author has chosen to of [...]

    • Full of fun and entertainment. Must read if you are interested in Mumbai underworld and crime histories.

    • This is Zaidi's most concise book yet. Unlike his previous books which tell SEVERAL stories about many different gangsters, this one is specific. Yes, he still speaks of Dawood Ibrahim, Chota Shakeel, Chota Rajan and the usual suspects, but this time, they're spoken of only in relation to Abu Salem and their roles in his rise and fall. Less than 200 pages, this book is a page turner, taking the reader on the run with Salem. Abu Salem's story is the thing fast-paced, gripping Hollywood movies are [...]

    • Mind blowing - superb - Awesome!are the only words that come to my mind after reading this book. The word unputdownable in the blurb is perfect for this book. This man is simply awesome and that I realised once again the moment I sat to write this review. When I saw the book had been tagged as non fiction is when I was like No. this seemed like some amazing movie, so captivating and engrossing!Read the full review here: privytrifles/2014/11

    • I have enjoyed all these books about the Mumbai Mafia. I lived in Mumbai when all this was happening. Some of these murders and encounters happened when I was a very active part of the Mumbai NGO scene and knew what was happening in the slums and the communities. And then to see another perspective of the same has been superb. It allows me to see the picture with new colors. Thank you Mr Zaidi. Keep writing. On this book particularly, Abu Salem is fascinating. And like the author, I cannot even [...]

    • I have read almost all of Zaidi's books. Each one gives a gripping account of the underworld. This one again was difficult to put down as maybe because Abu Salem is one gangster who has been prevalent in the recent times and has made headlines in my growing up years. His writings are always easy to read and almost feel like slick Bollywood movies. His journalistic background reflects in the detailed accounts described. All in all a quick and an interesting read!

    • Written in a better way with much much better explanations, documentations of the story of one of the most dreaded dons that India has ever seen. It is seriously difficult to put a book down written by Mr Zaidi. Brilliant work this time, I was left craving for more actually. Though I have always felt that when you write story of the Dons,they do end up being more of a hero for the public. The portrayal is what makes a character hero or a villain.

    • Another captivating novel about Mumbai Mafias by Hussain Zaidi, the narration is smooth & gripping like all other novels written by him. He has connected the dots very well. It would be interesting to follow Salem's life once he is out of jail as Zaidi claims that he might enter into politics. Some other known characters i.e. Shahid, Emile are mentioned with their connection to Salem. PS: My first novel on Kindle!

    • भारत के दो सबसे ख़तरनाक अपराधी ऐसे घरों में जन्में थे जो कानून और व्यवस्था के रखवाले थेजहां दाऊद के पिता कांस्टेबल थे,वहीं अबू सलेम के पिता जाने-माने क्रिमिनल लॉयर थे।'अपराधियों के जीवन को पे [...]

    • Book begin like a crime thriller only and I was not interested till I read half of it but its a genuine effort towards portrayal of mumbai don who started from nothing and made out this big in the mafia world. I haven't read Zaidi's other works and this was the first and I have to say I am impressed. Will read the other books as well

    • Popcorn crime non-fictiona lot or what I read has already been in the papers. Zaidi doesn't have a very engrossing writing style, and so content needs to be king here. And the content is average. Doesn't dig in deep, possibly not due to his fault. The subject isn't exactly the easiest person to write a book on. Overall - a one time fast read

    • Strictly a 2.5. Not as engaging as Dongri to Dubai (also that is a book on a different person, who may be more interesting compared to Abu Salem). But nevertheless, a page turner and hence it sort of helped in getting my reading mojo back.

    • The book shows how a boy from a small town came to Mumbai and became such a powerful and feared gangster. Zaidi deserves credit for bringing out so many details in a lucid manner. The book is an essential read for anyone interested in Mumbai Mafia

    • Well researched and an interesting way of storytelling. A tale of infamous, self proclaimed 'HERO' of Mumbai underworld

    • As usual, SHZ as a chronicler of Mumbai Mafia, narrates the don's story. Although, missing is the dread, and also the fact that Abu Salem's story is not over yet.

    • Slightly different than Zaidi's previous outings but totally worth a read if you love to know about the times and shines of the Mafia

    • It is so fast paced and intriguing, i couldnt think of anything else but digging my head into this book till it was over

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