A Lady Out of Time

A Lady Out of Time Sent back in time to Victorian England to stop the invention of a deadly weapon Helen Foster knows the job looks too easy All she has to do is go to an auction buy the weapon plans destroy them an

  • Title: A Lady Out of Time
  • Author: Caroline Hanson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
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  • Sent back in time to Victorian England to stop the invention of a deadly weapon, Helen Foster knows the job looks too easy All she has to do is go to an auction, buy the weapon plans, destroy them, and she ll save millions of people back in her own time And even if she spends the rest of her life as a spinster stuck in the English countryside with a plethora of cats, chaSent back in time to Victorian England to stop the invention of a deadly weapon, Helen Foster knows the job looks too easy All she has to do is go to an auction, buy the weapon plans, destroy them, and she ll save millions of people back in her own time And even if she spends the rest of her life as a spinster stuck in the English countryside with a plethora of cats, changing the future is worth it Then she meets Edward Clifton, Duke of Somervale, the man she s supposed to blackmail He is one of the most powerful men in the land, so handsome and cold that debutantes have been known to faint in his presence After one meeting, Helen will be thrilled to never see his royal and quite spectacular backside, ever again.But as her mission falls apart and danger closes in, Helen has no choice but to turn to the one man powerful enough to help her not just change the future, but survive the night.

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      Caroline Hanson grew up in California and moved to London in order to dance and go to pubs Eventually, she matured enough to marry and imported an Englishman, returning to the United States.After passing the bar, she had two children and now tries to parent, read, write and play tennis She s heard rumors that other mothers clean and cook but is putting in serious effort to make sure those rumors don t reach her family.Caroline grew up listening to Brit pop and reading about vampires As a teenager her favorite authors were Anne Rice and Jude Deveraux Now she loves Laurell K Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Laura Kinsale, Lisa Kleypas, Loretta Chase, Nalini Singh and JR Ward that s the short list.She is also the proud owner of a WWJD t shirt, What Would Joss do which she hopes is apparent in her books.She loves to hear from fans and her second book in the Valerie Dearborn Series, Love is Fear, will be published in December 2011.A free short story called Bewitching the Werewolf was released in September on Smashwords.

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    • 3.5 stars I'm not a romance reader. I tend to avoid it despite never really giving it a proper try. But I was really, really into the premise of this book (I'm a sucker for time-travel), the reviews I looked at were very promising, plus I got the ebook for free. what more can a girl ask for?Right off the bat, I could tell this was a good author who knew how to write. The first page roped me in, which is not very common; I'm picky. The writing is clever, Helen's POV had me chuckling and giving th [...]

    • Great read but NO ending Gotta buy the next bookThis was a very good story. I just loved Edward and Helen, and Mary, too. This was about Helen, a soldier from the year 2089 who was sent back to 1854 to stop the Nazis from conquering the world. It was exciting all the way through.There was no sex but there was an amazing amount of desire coming from Edward and Helen, it was fantastic. For those of you who like to read about the feelings that come before the sex this story is for you. I always sai [...]

    • In an alternate future where the Nazis won the war, an American soldier is sent back in time to Victorian London in order to find and destroy the plans for a weapon, which will change the future. Of course, things are never that simpleAn intriguing plot and a humorous narrative leads to a 4-star review from me

    • ****SPOILER FREE REVIEW****I admit I was a bit nervous when I was asked by Caroline Hanson to beta read this book, but only because I love her PNR series and this book was completely different. I was excited about reading it, but definitely nervous. I gave this book 5 stars because it completely captured me. It's funny and fast paced and sexy! I read this baby in about 2 days (would have been less had I not had 2 ankle biters needing my attention lol!) Another thing I admit is not being a huge f [...]

    • 3.75 stars Creative story, and I liked it a lot. However, I can't give it more stars because she split the story into two books, when it really should just be one.

    • The idea of going back in time is certainly not new, nor is the "time-jump to fix the future." However, sending a soldier? Not a historian. Not a man. A female solider hardened by a desolate future.That was the reason I picked this book up.I liked this book for so many reasons, first of which was the setting. What can I say? It's a fun time period. Secondly, I liked the characters. They were who they were, and both were hardened by their backgrounds. Third, the idea of a war being fought from th [...]

    • This was a 3.5 star read for me.It's 2089 and Helen Foster is a genetically enhanced American soldier, fighting the Nazis. Due to the discovery of a superweapon, World War II never ended, and has rumbled on over the intervening hundred and some years. But now the higher ups have discovered that it might be possible to send someone very special back in time to obtain the plans for the superweapon and thwart the Nazis' plans. Helen is that special someone. The trouble is, it's a one way trip, and [...]

    • AudioThis wasn't a long book and the story wasn't very complex. As far as time travelling stories go, it most certainly isn't the best I've read recently, and perhaps that skews my perspective a bit. After just having read the first 3 books of the more complex and well-developed time travelling series by April White (starting with Marking Time), this one paled in comparison. Perhaps with some distance I would have liked this more.As it is, it was a light, quick read, with some sexy bits thrown i [...]

    • Great story!!! I'm glad I read this book. It was a complete 180 from the first book I read from the author. I decided to read a more recent book by her and was not disappointed! The characters were more descriptive and the scenes didn't jump randomly. There was WAY more description overall and the storyline flowed smoothly. I can't wait to read the second book. Definitely must have been a fluke with the Valerie Dearborn book that I didn't like. This was a world of difference from the last one. M [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. It is funny and fast paced. The premise of an alternate future where the Nazis won the war is not over politicalized, but merely a catalyst to bring the hero and heroine together. This is a fun sexy read, but not filled with arbitrary sex. I like my romance books romantic--not explicitly erotic. The language is a little off-putting at times, but it isn't indiscriminate. It fits the character, a modern independent woman soldier who suddenly finds herself in world where [...]

    • different takeIt starts out differently the time is in the future but the nazis won the war the due to a weapon that was designed in past so our heroine must go into the past to change that and she is to blackmail our hero for money. The book gets very exciting with all of the things going on and our heroine trying to buy those plans but be warned you must read a secound book which must be purchased to find out more about there romance Ive been snared so I am purchasing it I hope I dont have to [...]

    • Ms Hanson's writing has improved tenfolds because she is now more proficient and articulate with her writing, I can't wait for the next installement.

    • First reviewed for my blog The Purple BookerThis is one of my freebies that I got from , and honestly, I was not expecting too much from it. That said, I really enjoyed this book. It was a little bit short and there was some of it that didn't really seem to fit together completely, but beyond that it's a fun read and I have learned to accept that free reads are often going to be shorter. My biggest complaint is that the ending is really open. I am sure that was done on purpose so you will want t [...]

    • If my bloody job didn't keep getting in my way, I would have happily finished this book in one sitting. This book begins in 2089 when we are introduced to Helen Foster. World War 2 still has not ended. And now Helen needs to travel back to victorian England to attend an auction in order to stop the blueprints for a super weapon ending up in the wrong hands. The time travel part of this plan is the easy part. Unfortunately, the difficult part is the fact that Helen can't take anything with her as [...]

    • Lazy writing, lots of unnecessary coarse language.The days of clean writing have passed, but some authors use so much of it, it distracts from the actual story. This book falls into this category. A shame since the actual plotline was intriguing. I would have enjoyed reading it to the end, but all the unnecessary curse words and coarse word adjectives (lazy writing to throw in swear words instead of true adjectives) caused me to turn to another book and write this poor review. Let me know if a P [...]

    • Wow! Excellent storyIt's not easy finding good time travel stories. That makes this one a real treasure. It's well-written and the story flows.Helen Foster is a soldier in 2089. She is selected for a special mission. Helen must travel back to 1853 and attend an auction, buy the plans for a terribly destructive weapon called Warmaker, then destroy the plans.But first things first. Since she can take nothing with her, the first order of business is to find some clothes. Then she must blackmail Edw [...]

    • grade B-. This was a really quick read with time travel premise. This is also an alternate universe where Germany won WWII and has been at war with everyone else for the last 100 years. Time travel is a new invention and they send Helen (women travel better than men) back to intercept the beginning plans of a weapon the Germans use to win the war. This throws Helen into the path of the Duke of Somervale where he is both attracted and suspicious. The premise set up was fine and the character inte [...]

    • While I really liked the writing style of this new author (new to me). The plot is interesting it is well developed, highly entertaining with the fire between Helen and the duke but I am not sure you can call this a love story aka romance. There was no real romance lots of fighting lots of danger. Some ice melting as time goes on This is a book one in how ever many the hook to get you to purchase the rest of the story. It has no ending but it does leave you with a bad taste of her being ordered [...]

    • Soldier WHOA more unusual approach to time travel, more of a Sci-Fi approach. I enjoyed every minute of of it. I read it all in one sitting. Too intriguing to put off finding out what happened next. Love the personality of the two main characters. Looking forward to learning more of their interactions and the resulting escapades in the remaking sequel. The novel is a standalone story, but wait! There is more

    • Fun little story about a wm soldier (Helen) in the yr 2089. The Nazi's are still in power and Helen is sent back in time to stop the sell of the designs of a super weapon that will save millions and rewrite history. There is sexual tension with a Duke that Helen needs to help her. At first I wasn't sold on this book but I grew to like it the more I read it. There is a book two and I will read that one as well to see where this story continues.

    • Helen Foster Book 1 A Lady Out of TimeGreat read, hard to e putting this book down. It had just the right amount of details without making you skip through them. The repartee between Helen and Edward was witty fun and made the poignant ending of this book truly bittersweet. Five stars!

    • Good bookGood book ended too soon. Need to read the second book to see how Helen fairs. Never read Caroline Hanson before but will certainly look out for more of her books. Looking forward to reading more books of Helen Foster time travel.

    • It's an interesting story. I really wish the writing style had been better. There were a lot of swear words, which I don't usually mind in the right context. But in this case, it was unnecessary and distracting. I'll probably read the next book though, just because I need to know how it ends.

    • Very sexy time travel story between a very modern, outspoken heroine and a very Victorian gentleman. Is this romance? In some interesting way yes, but actually it owes much more to action movies than Rosamunde Pilcher. I loved the dry humour of the book.

    • An interesting idea. Entertaining read. The author clearly states she’s not going for historical accuracy in terms of everyday events, so with that suspension of disbelief it works pretty well. Not for nitpicking historical romance fans.

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