The Chocolatier's Wife

The Chocolatier s Wife Tasmin William s wife to be was chosen by a spell as all wives and husbands are chosen It s a nice tidy way to find a reasonable mate for almost everyone Unfortunately Tasmin is from the North a

  • Title: The Chocolatier's Wife
  • Author: Cindy Lynn Speer
  • ISBN: 9780983832089
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tasmin, William s wife to be, was chosen by a spell, as all wives and husbands are chosen It s a nice, tidy way to find a reasonable mate for almost everyone Unfortunately, Tasmin is from the North, a place of magic and strange ritual, and William is from the South, where people pride themselves on being above the kind of insanity practiced by the Northerners, which hasTasmin, William s wife to be, was chosen by a spell, as all wives and husbands are chosen It s a nice, tidy way to find a reasonable mate for almost everyone Unfortunately, Tasmin is from the North, a place of magic and strange ritual, and William is from the South, where people pride themselves on being above the kind of insanity practiced by the Northerners, which has nothing to do with the fact that most people in the South have lost their ability to practice magic.William doesn t seem in a hurry to send for Tasmin, for which none of his family blame him After all, she s a barbarian She, on the other hand, would like to know what s keeping him When he s framed for murdering his patron, Tasmin takes matters into her own hands, harnessing the wind to bring her to William s side She s gotten to know Wiliam from his letters He s not a murderer and she s going to help him prove it William, incarcerated for a crime he didn t commit is shunned by his family for the embarrassment, and for giving up the family shipping business for foolishness, and for saddling them with a Hag for a wife, which means he can t protect Tasmin from his family s cold dislike of his barbiaran wife to be but that s not the worst of it Someone out there doesn t like him and is begining to dislike Tasmin almost as much, and that someone isn t at all averse to making sure William and Tasmin aren t around long enough to celebrate their wedding.Tasmin, of course, has other plans.

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      Cindy Lynn Speer is the author of several short stories, book reviews, books and interviews And she finds talking in the third person boring, soHello Let s see, what else is interesting I write for many reasons make people happy, to explore further the worlds in my head day dreaming can be sloppyd jumpy One moment, you re at a stop light, day dreaming about riding dragons, the next moment you re at work, pretending that you re a CSI specializing in filing systems Not a very disciplined way of seeing stories through to the end and to just celebrate the joy of words.My library contains books on ships, chocolate, swords, murder mysteries, folk lore, myth, fantasy and all sorts of things I am a jackdaw I love to read about a lot of different things.

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    • 99c Kindle sale, Oct. 20, 2017.This delightful light fantasy novel is one of the reasons I still give into the urge to download Kindle freebies. I read it about a year and a half ago, but something reminded me of it yesterday, and I started looking at it again and realized that I'd forgotten what a treasure it is. It reminds me of one of Sharon Shinn's fantasies, and it's worth reading, even if it isn't a freebie. Also because CHOCOLATE!In the kingdom of Berengeny, couples are chosen by a magica [...]

    • 4 and a half stars, I think - really lovelyI received this book through LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program, so huge thanks to LT and the author. In the world where The Chocolatier's Wife is set, marriage is not left up to chance: every newborn is brought to a Wise Woman, who casts a spell to find out who that child's destined spouse is to be. This doesn't guarantee Twoo Wuv; it also doesn't guarantee happiness. In fact, I think I need to go back and read that bit again to see if it guarantees [...]

    • This is a romance set in a fantasy world, with a bit of mystery as well, so if any of those things fail to appeal, you probably won’t get on with it. I found it delightful, though: the world isn’t incredibly rich or anything, but there’s enough there to give a solid background to the story and prevent it feeling paper-thin. The romance is sweet, and the characters are enjoyable: the way they deal with their situation right from the start, the way they write to each other, the way they take [...]

    • Oh, this was fun. It's probably the very definition of a 'nice' story: well-written, well-grounded, omitting a great deal of the emotional angst that seems so popular, and exploring real-world concerns and dangers in a way almost gentle. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to read a book that runs so counter to current publishing norms — If you've been anywhere near as sick of reading stories of how Teenage Girl 1 will inevitably choose Sexy Boy A but only after wangsting for 300 pages on S [...]

    • Tasmin and William live in a country where marriages are arranged by magic: at birth, a spell is cast to see if the child's most suitable mate has been born yet. If they have, the parents make contact. If not, the spell is repeated yearly. After seven years, William's future wife has been born - unfortunately, he lives in the nearly-unmagical south, and she lives in the magical north.Despite the fact that neither of their families are happy with the match (the author has a certain amount of fun [...]

    • A delightfully crafted fantasy/mystery/romance with an interesting format that works extremely well for me. The basic plot centers around a world where magic is useful and one of the uses is that the 'ideal' spouse is found for each couple while they are still very young. Consequently, the couple may never meet before their marriage.The storyline focuses on the lives of one young couple before their meeting and marriage, using letters between them as a basis to establish a deep relationship betw [...]

    • I received a free ebook copy from the author, in exchange for an honest reviewTasmin is William's betrothed, they were chosen by the ritual conducted in their childhood . The ritual is done by the Wise Woman and it finds the best possible mate for a person. Tasmin is from the north, where people still practice magic ,whereas William is from the south. Even though both sets of parents are outraged by the match, Tasmin and William are ok with it. When it is time for Tasmin to be brought home, Will [...]

    • In a land where spouses -- at least first ones -- are chosen by spell while you are still a child, William was late. It was not until his seventh birthday that it found his bride. And what was worse, Tasmin lived in the barbarous North. Meanwhile, her family hates the notion of the barbarous South -- but William and Tasmin exchanged letters for years, and then, one day, shortly after he stopped sailing to open a chocolate shop, she got one telling her he was accused of murder, and she was, of co [...]

    • Cindy Lynn Speer used to review books for MostlyFiction before she had any published novels. It was always fun to *talk* with her about her writing as she shared insight into the process. She now has 3 published books and when I posed the question on FaceBook "what book should I read next?" she suggested (with humor, of course) that I should read hers. So, I asked her which one would she recommended for me, and she answered that she is most proud of the THE CHOCOLATIER'S WIFE. It is always risky [...]

    • In the kingdom of Berengeny, a place in the south, William of Almsley is born. Berengeny doesn’t fool with such things as true love—just who makes a good match. But, year after year, the spell bowl refuses to tell where his future wife resides. Then, on William’s seventh birthday, when everyone has given up hope, the bowl reveals that his intended dwells to the north, in Tarnia—a place of cruel and wild magic. No one wants a wife or husband from there, but William sticks with the choice. [...]

    • Really lovely fantasy-romance-mystery. When William is seven years old, the magical spell used to choose future spouses reveals that his future bride is Tasmin, a newborn baby girl from the magical and dangerous north. Despite his family's misgivings, William begins a correspondence with Tasmin, sending her letters and gifts. As they grow, William to become a sea captain of some renown and Tasmin to become an herb mage and teacher, his kindness and honesty win her heart even though they haven't [...]

    • The motif of the arranged (or convenience, or otherwise contractual) marriage turning into a love match crops up regularly among romance novels, but it can still be enjoyable if well done. In this novel's case, it was certainly responsible for some of the prettiest moments; Tasmin's and William's letters to each other, which preceded every chapter, were fun to read and helped develop the love story nicely.The book is fantasy and mystery as well as romance, however. That combination has been well [...]

    • I want to give this more like a 3.5. It's better than just a "like" but not quite "really liked." It's really a perfect kind of book for a lazy afternoon.The story follows Tasmin, an herb 'witch' from the barbarian north, who is engaged to be wed to William, a constant, if stuffy young man from the south. I loved the writing in the first couple of chapters. The voice is fabulous, the world is unique, and I loved the idea of a magic spell that would take all of the uncertainty out of choosing a m [...]

    • Loved the letters at the beginning of each chapter. They helped set the tone. The premise (arranged marriage turning into love) is an old one, but can be well done. This was an average read. There were things I liked, but I was never really hooked by the characters.It was a sweet book, but slightly unbelievable. (Speaking mostly of the framing and following story line.)Still, good read, and definitely passed the time.1 – Couldn’t finish2 – Finished, but with great difficulty3 – Liked, bu [...]

    • A sweet story about a merchant captain turned chocolatier and his faithfully determined betrothed. Other descriptors that come to mind are slow, vague and, at times, confusing.

    • The beginning of a book can make or break it (at least when I'm the one reading!). When it's too early for me to be invested in the story or the characters, and further, when I still haven't made up my mind whether continuing is a worthy use of my time, that first impression is crucial. I'm happy to say the Chocolatier's Wife started off very strong. Each chapter opens with a short letter between Tasmin and William, our two main characters who are getting to know each other via post since they'v [...]

    • The Chocolatier’s Wife by Cindy Lynn Speer is a tale of mystery, adventure and romance. On William Almsley’s seventh birthday, the identity of his future wife is revealed. The ritual, performed by a wise woman every year since his birth, is supposed to choose his best match. His mother is appalled to learn the best match for her son is a hag from the north."Tarnia, a place of cruel and wild magic, was the last place from whence one would wish a bride. They did not have Wise Women there, for [...]

    • Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the First Reader giveaway.In a fantasy world much like ours after the Civil War, Tasmin Bey is chosen to be the bride of William Almsley. In this country, no one chooses their own spouses -- a spell done after their birth (and sometimes a few more times after that it the intended spouse hasn't been born yet) picks them for a person. Most of the time, the prospective mates live nearby sometimes they don't. In the case of Tasmin and William, Tasm [...]

    • The Chocolatier's Wife is a delightful little novel, nicely blending fantasy, romance, and a touch of murder mystery all together into a single confection. Tamsin Bey is a herb-mage from Tarnia, a northern country that was once at war with the southern land of Berengeny, and the two lands are still prickly towards each other after five hundred years. But their peoples have one thing in common: the spells of the wise-women that reveal to every living soul who their fated spouse will be. For Tamsi [...]

    • A beautifully sweet story (pun unashamedly intended). OK, leaving aside the fact that anything having to do with chocolate is almost automatically certain to be a hit with me, this really was a great story. Set in a world far, far away where marriages are 'arranged' by magic and one's mate is usually determined when one is very young, the story consists partly of letters written back and forth between William and his 'intended', Tasmin, over the course of the time before they meet and partly of [...]

    • In the Kingdom of Berengeny, a long time ago, no one chose their spouses.William Almsley’s parents took him to find his future wife. Unfortunately, it took more than one attempt. On his 7th birthday, the wise woman finally found his mate, her name was Tasmin Bey, and she was not from their area. Those in his area called her a hag, but he was determined to write her early on and introduce himself, hoping to create a bond for their future life together.Tasmin wrote him back, and their correspond [...]

    • Good book with a little bit of several things that appealed to me without it feeling like the writing was all over the road. It was a fantasy romance with a murder mystery, with letters that developed characters as well as moved the plot along. The writing was modern without throwing me off. My only quibble, and I am sorry it sounds as if I went looking for one, is that later in the book as secrets are revealed and motives come to light, there were several of a nature that I knew wouldn't appeal [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. I had picked it up a few months back, and put it down because life swept me away, when I stumbled upon it again a couple of days ago.It's a story of magic, love, deception, and beauty. The story is told through the view points of Tasmin, a mistress of herbs from the North, and William, a bad-ass ship merchant turned chocolatier of the South, and the letters between them. Both come from lands that have quite a bit of mistrust with the other because of a many year, but [...]

    • This is a darling fantasy/mystery novel following a young couple's adventure involving poison, infidelity, and wealth. William is a young and prosperous sea captain about to throw all that away to open a chocolate shop. He ends up getting blamed for the murder of the local bishop. His fiancee, Tasmin, comes to his rescue in a whirlwind of magic. The reader gets to enjoy the wonderful tale of seeing these two fall in love with each other despite numerous things trying to drive them apart. I found [...]

    • I won this book through a Giveaway.I enjoyed this book. The relationship the main characters build from an arranged marriage is actually pretty inspiring. Tasmin is a bold and determined young woman bound and determined to prove her future husband's innocence. William is a free thinking man wishing to veer from the path that his family's wealth demands he take. Together they make an amazing match. The best part there's no angst in their relationship. They may not see eye to eye on everything, b [...]

    • This was a delightful read, so I am rounding up my rating from a 3.5 to a 4.The Chocolatier's Wife is a fantasy novel with romance, mystery, magic, mythical creatures and a completely different world (although you have the feeling it could be the British Isles). Speer did a nice job with names and dates (totally different calendar) and describing a culture that was whimsical and still believable. There is nothing to deep in the novel. Its just a light story with likable characters who have a mur [...]

    • I read the sample from , and decided I wanted to read more of it, so I checked out Lendle, where I was able to borrow it. Rather enjoyable story, involving witchcraft, murder, pirates and chocolate. The twists and turns kept me engaged, and I certainly never would have guessed the ending, so major points for that.I liked the slow reveal of the story universe--the author didn't slow the plot with huge amounts of exposition, instead she gradually gave us more and more tidbits, just enough to conti [...]

    • What a delightful book! Cindy Lynn Speer weaves a tale of murder, mystery, magic, fantasy, history, and romance that keeps the pages turning. Seriously, it would fit in all of these genres. The story of William and Tasmin is sweet and charming, told through letters and narrative beginning at their births, when a spell chose them for each other to be married. William lives in the South, and, horror of horrors to his family, his intended is an herb witch from the North. William, who owns a chocola [...]

    • I enjoyed this book. It was a nice combination of mystery, fantasy, and romance. In an age where marriages are decided by magic at birth, Tasmin and William are selected for one another, upsetting both of their families who are aghast at the thought of their children marrying someone from a different country. The affection that grows between them through their letters to one another from childhood to adulthood is touching, even though they have never met. When Tasmin receives word that William h [...]

    • I love the cover!It is what initially caught my attention.I enjoyed this book immensely. It was a nice combination of fantasy,mystery and romance. In an age where marriages are decided by magic at birth, William and Tasmin are selected for one another, upsetting both of their families who are upset at the thought of their children marrying someone of a different country. The connection that grows between them through their letters to one another from childhood to adulthood. When Tasmin gets word [...]

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