Dead Heat

Dead Heat Paige Davies finds her world turned upside down as she becomes involved in her best friends nightmare The strong willed Paige doesn t know which is worse someone trying to kill her or losing her dog

  • Title: Dead Heat
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: 9781468157246
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paige Davies finds her world turned upside down as she becomes involved in her best friends nightmare The strong willed Paige doesn t know which is worse someone trying to kill her, or losing her dog to the man she loves to hate.FBI Agent Cole Parker can t decide whether he should strangle or kiss this infuriating woman of his dreams As he works the case of his career,Paige Davies finds her world turned upside down as she becomes involved in her best friends nightmare The strong willed Paige doesn t know which is worse someone trying to kill her, or losing her dog to the man she loves to hate.FBI Agent Cole Parker can t decide whether he should strangle or kiss this infuriating woman of his dreams As he works the case of his career, he finds that love can be tougher than bringing down some of the most powerful men in America.

    Dead Heat Directed by Mark Goldblatt With Treat Williams, Joe Piscopo, Lindsay Frost, Darren McGavin A cop and his undead partner must chase down the diabolical villain who killed him. Dead Heat Definition of Dead Heat by Merriam Webster Dead heat definition is a tie with no single winner of a race broadly tie How to use dead heat in a sentence. Dead heat definition of dead heat by The Free Dictionary dead heat If two horses tied in a heat, the heat did not count and was called dead now any tie can be called a dead heat. Dead Heat Alpha and Omega Patricia Briggs Gripping and intense, Dead Heat is everything an urban fantasy novel should be it doesn t get better than this RT Book Reviews Briggs offers the complete package, a book with interesting world building, lovely characters, and stakes that could not be higher Dead Heat is a great addition to the series All Things Urban Fantasy DEAD HEAT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary dead heat definition a competition in which two or competitors finish at exactly the same time or with exactly Learn Cambridge Dictionary Plus Dead Heat Treat Williams, Joe Piscopo Dead Heat is by far a cult movie that can be seen as both an action and horror movie Our leads, LAPD detectives Roger Mortis Treat Williams and Doug Bigelow Joe Piscopo are investigating crimes, which are being committed by people who are deceased. Dead Heat film Dead Heat is a American buddy cop zombie comedy film directed by Mark Goldblatt and starring Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo. The film is about an LAPD police officer who is murdered while attempting to arrest zombies who have been reanimated by the head of Dante Laboratories in order to carry out violent armed robberies, and decides to get revenge with the help of his former partner. Dead Heat Alpha Omega by Patricia Briggs Tennyson s poem comes to mind after completing Dead Heat Bran, the dominant werewolf of North America and recurring secondary character in the Mercy Thompson and Alpha Omega series, and his son Samuel have reacted to love and loss their own way. Dead Heat Directed by Mark Malone With Kiefer Sutherland, Anthony LaPaglia, Radha Mitchell, Lothaire Bluteau A heart problem forces the cop Pally to retire, and his wife Charlotte is separating him Charlotte makes Pally s half brother Ray visit, and he suggest buying a race horse will cheer him up He does, but then a mob boss steals the horse. Dead Heat Trailer YouTube Mar , see b movie reviews at dchighway This feature is not available right now Please try again later.

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      Kathleen Brooks is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Kathleen s stories are romantic suspense featuring strong female heroines, humor, and happily ever afters Her Bluegrass and Bluegrass Brothers Series feature small town charm with quirky characters while her Women of Power Series shows that behind every sexy billionaire is a man strong enough to love her Then hang onto your seat for the wild and mysterious ride in the thrilling Web of Lies Series.Kathleen is an animal lover who supports rescue organizations and other non profit organizations, such as Friends and Vets Helping Pets, whose goals are to protect and save our four legged family members.Email Notice of New Releases kathleen brooks new release nKathleen s Website kathleen brooksFacebook Page facebook KathleenBrooksAuthorTwitter twitter BluegrassBrooks author show 5101707Book Order Bluegrass Series Bluegrass State of MindRisky ShotDead Heat Brothers Series Bluegrass UndercoverRising StormSecret Santa, A Bluegrass Series NovellaAcquiring TroubleRelentless PursuitSecrets CollideFinal Vow Bluegrass Singles All Hung Up, NovellaBluegrass Dawn, NovellaThe Perfect Gift, NovellaThe Keeneston Roses Forever Bluegrass Forever EntangledForever Hidden, Jan 26, 2016Forever Betrayed, Mid 2016 Women of Power Chosen for PowerBuilt for PowerFashioned for PowerDestined for Power

    527 thoughts on “Dead Heat

    • I'm not trying to be a bitch I am a bitch. I have hopes for this one because the blurb sound good and the rating is high. Well excuse the shit out of me if I rate this low. Some books just don't agree with me.These are my reasons why I gave this a one star.1. The writing is too immature.This feels like a bad fanfiction or God forbid, feels like a teenager writes this story in Wattpad.2. I know that this is the third book in the series, but is it too much to ask for a proper introduction?3. The h [...]

    • 5 Dead Heat Stars I loved that this series ended with Paige & Cole. I kind hoped it would be Mo’s body guard but you never know he might get his book yet. I love that Paige has all these brothers and Cole was the first to not be scared off by them or by Paige, I say that because she is a tomboy in a lot of ways and a total girly girl in others. I think I loved that Cole was always there for Paige even when she thought it was all for show for him it never was. Again this town is fantastic. [...]

    • This was my first and last visit to the small town of Keeneston, Kentucky. The summary looked interesting and the rating was up there so I picked it up for one of my challenge books. I knew I was in trouble early on. Let's start with the very unrealistic characters.Paige is a small town shopkeeper who designs hats and other accessories for women. She's also a too-good-to-be-true heroine who does everything perfectlyooting, riding horses, administers first aid, drives like Daisy Duke, etc etc. Sh [...]

    • I am so glad I found this author. It's amazing how many really good authors are indies. This book is the third in the series and I am impressed by how much Kathleen has grown in so short a time as an author. I liked the first one, the second one was even better and this one the best. I'm looking foward to seeing what she has in store for us after this.These books take place in Kentucky in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and looks out after each other. After reading these books, I [...]

    • final chapter in the crazy story. KB keeps the story flowing and not dragging it out so you don't get bored adding new twists to the situation. She also adds more characters in the book that you can read about in a separate series about Paige's brothers. Paige and Cole are great together love the chemistry! Love Chuck the dog! his scenes are great and made me laugh :)

    • Best of the trilogy. I actually teared up in the beginning. This romance was my favorite even if Cole never ended up being a very useful FBI protector.(Although the overreacting crazy ex-prom-queen was a bit too cliche I wish I skipped her parts. They were eye-roll worthy and a had horrible dialogue.)

    • Dead Heat is the 3rd book in the Bluegrass Series by Kathleen Brooks. The main storyline is continued from the previous two books and both the main characters were also introduced in the previous books. I really liked both Paige and Cole in the previous books and was really looking forward to their book.I still like both the characters but the storyline was SO UNBELIEVABLE I just kept grimacing as I read it. A sniper who shot both of Paige's friends is after her because she can identify him. So [...]

    • This is the third book in the Bluegrass series. After reading the first book I bought the next two in this romantic suspense series. I enjoyed reading all the books. This on ties up the story of Kenna & Dani's New York experience along with letting us get better acquainted with Paige & Agent Cole. Now if we could just get more of Ahmed's storyPaige Davies finds her world turned upside down as she becomes involved in her best friends' nightmare. The strong-willed Paige doesn't know which [...]

    • I am really enjoying this series, however, I don't like the cussing, and sex. The sex is always just the brief start, and then the morning after. These books are not well edited, and it kind of bugs me. I love the characters. Not for my teen daughter. Paige and Cole fight it, but they are very much in love. Will they survive an assassin trying to kill her because she witnessed him shoot two of her friends? Will Cole last through the interrogation from her brothers?

    • The third book in this series brings it all home! The book starts off literally a few seconds before the last book ended. The characters make you laugh, cringe and genuinely love to watch them as Paige and Cole spar through out the book. I'm sad to see this aspect of the series come to an end. But - Bluegrass now begins with the stories of the Davies brothers! Definately glad I grabbed the 1st in the series and have been more than pleasantly suprized.

    • I liked this one even more than the second book. Paige is quite funny, but her brothers are hilarious. Cannot wait for their stories! Still no word on Ahmed's love interest but I hope it comes in the Bluegrass Brothers series.While this story could have been flushed out more was quick and I did laugh quite a bit.

    • After the big cliffhanger at the end of book two, I HAD to get book three. I liked the chemistry here. And Agent Cole Parker sounds yummy. But I wanted to wring Paige's neck for all the chances she took, constantly leaving her aparmtment alone, knowing there was an assassin loose! And if she owns a gun and she's such a good shot, why would that gun be in her truck instead of at her side?

    • The third book in the series, it is good to see all the pieces come together, finally sees the sparks from Paige and Cole, and meet Paige's 4 brothers. A quick read, great characters, but not a series I would recommend jumping into midstream - read the books in order!!!

    • Excellent conclusion to the trilogy. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and tugs at your heart at the same time.

    • DNF40% I'm ashamed to admit that I've gotten this far I really should have ended this when an officer of the low let a civilian women corner an " Assassin " with him but for reasons unknown to me i kept going I've no clue why but the use of the word assassin and repeating it was driving me nuts it seemed so out of place . - Everything that has anything to do with police or the FBI seemed unrealistic and unprofessional without any procedures or regulations the FBI agent told every one in tow [...]

    • This was definitely my favorite by far! I loved Cole. He was the perfect guy for Paige. He was the only one who could take her head on and also her family. Can I just add that I love this town. All the characters in the book just make this series what it is. And I love that Kathleen is always bringing them in. And I love how they are always helping those who are in trouble. Poor Cole he didn't know what he was getting himself into. I definitely recommend this series!

    • Another great story from Ms. BrooksReturn to the town of Keeneston and it's beloved residents. Ms. Brooks has a great way with a story, mixing the perfect amount of suspense, humor and romance. Once you read one of her books you will be hooked, and wishing you could move into the small town. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance and suspense.

    • Loved it!Loved this book! Loved how it wrapped up each characters ending. Im a sucker for a happy ever after ending :)

    • Great seriesGreat characters well thought out and easy to identify with. Can get you hooked on the love stories and the mystery, as well as the added bonus of suspense.

    • This series is well written and the story is good, but I feel like the character connections could use some work. As soon as they meet, the whole town is planning weddings. It's a sweet, small town read and I did like it, I just thought it felt a little wooden at times.

    • Bluegrass SeriesI'm not sure how I was introduced to this series. I believe it was one of the book clubs where you get the first book at a reduced price. What I do know is that I started the first book, Bluegrass State of Mind, and found a terrific author. This series is a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and laugh out loud fun. I found myself reading all three books in three days. This series brings us people you will enjoy knowing and , if like me, continue reading next up to follow an inte [...]

    • I am writing these reviews after having read the whole series so it will be an overall summary. These books are funny, heartwarming, suspenseful with great main characters and terrific minor characters (the Rose SistersI mean come on! Who wouldn't love them?!). The setting is awesomeI want to move to this town that knows everything all the time and yet can keep secrets! Each character is well developed and each separate storyline is well crafted. The one storyline that traces back to New York is [...]

    • Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures4 StarsDead Heat begins with Paige Davies witnessing an attempted murder to her chasing the shooterand being the only person who can identify him. Kathleen Brooks does a fine job of getting your heart racing right from the start in this book and pretty much keeps it up throughout. With Paige in danger, FBI agent (and Paige’s nemesis), Cole Parker, must protect her so she’ll be able to identify and testify once he’s caught.I love, love books where th [...]

    • I think this is probably my favorite of the series, I love when a story is finally complete and you get to see how everything played out. Plus hello, Cole *sigh*, I have absolutely loved watching Cole and Paige relationship blossom. Never mind the fact that we get to met all of Paige’s brothers, this time Cy is brought into the picture.The bantering between Cole and Paige is so refreshing, add in a little bit of the Rose Sisters and you are in heaven giggling your booty off. Cole as the FBI Ag [...]

    • "Dead Heat" is the third book in the "Bluegrass" series and picks up immediately after the shocking cliffhanger ending of book two, "Risky Shot". There was a great deal more suspense and action in this third and final installment and the story was paced better, especially since the dog-and-cat relationship between the lead characters, Cole Parker, an FBI agent investigating the crimes committed by the group of men after Kenna Mason and Danielle De Luca, and Paige Davies, a Kenneston local and cl [...]

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