Virgin Dancer

Virgin Dancer Was she dancing too close to the fire when she chose him for her first night of passion Jade a small town girl who has recently moved to New York to become a professsional ballet dancer is wildly de

  • Title: Virgin Dancer
  • Author: Deborah Court
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: None
  • Was she dancing too close to the fire when she chose him for her first night of passion Jade, a small town girl who has recently moved to New York to become a professsional ballet dancer, is wildly determined to lose her virginity She goes to a Lower East Side club and celebrates her birthday with friends fully intending to choose the most handsome, charismatic man she Was she dancing too close to the fire when she chose him for her first night of passion Jade, a small town girl who has recently moved to New York to become a professsional ballet dancer, is wildly determined to lose her virginity She goes to a Lower East Side club and celebrates her birthday with friends fully intending to choose the most handsome, charismatic man she ll meet there to introduce her to the art of love that night Instantly she falls for the blonde, tall Swedish sex god who owns the club, pretending to be a pole dancer who wants to apply for a job But Alrik has secrets of his own, and soon Jade gets entangled in a web of danger, mystery and relentless passion

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    • Deborah Court

      Deborah Court lives in a picturesque European small town A health professional by day, at night she loves to write romances about elven warriors of deadly beauty, capable of making a woman die from sheer pleasure.For regular updates, visit Deborah s homepage deborahcourtand blogdeborahcourt

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    • In the latest erotic romance novella by Deborah Court I was expecting a light, fluffy romance with a few good sex scenes, but it's so much more! The pages turn fast as the suspense builds, and the characters turn out to be highly sympathetic, three-dimensional people caught in a perilous bind.Jade Cameron is the dancing beauty who, as the story begins, has set her sights on giving up her virginity. Her girlfriends drag her to the premiere club for singles in New York, where she meets the enigmat [...]

    • I really loved Virgin Dancer. I really appreciate you Deborah, for given me the chance to read it.You wrote about something that is really dear to my heart. Which is autism. Since I have two children with autism, I really understood all that Caleb was going through. I loved reading about Jade and Alrik. I really couldn't imagine being a virgin and doing what Jade did to lose my virginity. Watching all the emotions they experirnced and even though Alrik tried to fight it, it was no use.The way th [...]

    • Seriously???? I must have read something that other people didn't cause this was barely a 2 for med I'm being generous. Sorry. I really wanted to like this after all the good reviews but I guess it just wasn't for me.

    • Since my first review of one of Deborah Court's books, "Bound to the Prince", I've had the honor to get the chance to talk to her about a few things as well as review a couple of her other works. I admit that when I see an email from her, I get excited as to what it is going to include."Virgin Dancer" was no exception. One thing I have noticed when it comes to any form of romance or erotica, is that there are certain factors you have to include. Deborah manages to do just that in every one of he [...]

    • Deborah Court is one of my favourite writers and she never disappoints. Virgin Dancer felt fresh and new with a gripping plot and a good deal of sensual romance. The heroine, Jade Cameron only set out to find a desirable man to help her through her first sexual encounter and certainly didn’t expect to find hot, sexy club-owner Alrik and fall in love. Alrik is so deep and powerful - oh and did I already say soooo sexy?! that for me he became the star of the novella and I couldn’t get enough o [...]

    • Long has it been since I rushed home from work to read a book!Now I am not a huge fan of this type of book and admittedly downloaded this on a free promo offer thinking it would just be a little bit of fun in between other books I was reading. But WOW did this story blow me away. The only gripe I have is that it wasnt long enough. I fell completely in love with the characters and the story and would have loved for the story to have opened, become more but the love story, the sexual scenes and th [...]

    • Hot hot romance with a decent romantic suspense plot. The characters feel real and have emotional depth, especially Jade, who cares for her 16-year-old genius autistic brother. Alrik, the Swedish club owner, isn't what he seems to be at first, as well. (I don't want to spoil anything here) The story keeps you reading and takes some unexpected turns, while the steamy scenes are classy and extremely well written.

    • I loved this book. It was such an easy read and very disappointed when it ended. I wanted it to continue. I have recently become a real lover of this genre and Deborah Court just shot me to the next level! I can't wait to read other works by her. This is definitely a must read.

    • I really do love Deborah Court's writing only complaint about this book was it was short but it was very good regardless.

    • So many elements to enjoy are packed into this novella; it’s difficult to choose just one stand-out moment or character. Jade is beautifully described and voiced, with the right touches of sensual greed and virginal innocence, and a highly developed curiosity. Alrick reminds me of Erik in the True Blood television show (Don’t Judge!) with his arrogant demeanor and his highly sexualized and sensualized approach to the world that belies a myriad of untapped emotion and secrets. Not only are th [...]

    • ** Review is spoiler free - only outline **I loved Bound To A Prince and am looking forward to Bound To Magic, so when Virgin Dancer came my way as a freebie, I didn't hesitate snatching it up. I do enjoy Deborah Court's story weaving. She has the ability to make us believe the worlds she creates. Though a novella, the story was full of suspense, drama, and romance. Interwoven in to a full story line. I was extremely surprised as I thought originally it would be a fluffy smutty read, as most nov [...]

    • This review was originally posted on my blog, Darkest Sins.There's nothing about this book I can possibly say I haven't extremely enjoyed (even the cover, in perfect syntony with the book, trust me).The plot is captivating and everything is all well written with a right dose of suspense that I wasn't expecting to find here at all. Jade and Alrik (who I wish I'd meet for real) are two great characters, well defined and realistic. I loved the way their relationship evolved and let me point out tha [...]

    • I downloaded this book for free two years ago when the author gifted it to the members of the EricandSookielovers website. It was before I got a Kindle so I put it on my husband's and forgot about it. The poor man was walking around with a book entitled Virgin Dancer all this time until just the other day he asked if he could get rid of it. Men. His question reminded me about it and I decided to dive right into it once I finished the last Cat & Bones book. And I'm so glad I didn't forget it [...]

    • This is a book by a new author and I enjoyed it a good deal. My rating is actually like a 3.75 but I'm rounding up because I think Ms. Court crafted a well developed, although short, story with interesting characters. The insertion of Ascobar kept it from being mundane and added an element of intrigue to the story. Very hawt too.

    • Deborah Court does it again. First it was an Elven warrior now a Swedish Viking like god named Alrik. Lord help me!Jade is a 22 year old balerina who is still a virgin. She has decided for her 22nd birthday she's going to have sex. At a night club with her friends she meets Alrik the night club owner. Only he is no ordinary guy. He's a six foot four blonde Swedish Viking looking god of a man.The story only get more intense from there.Definitely a steamy book. Not kid friendly. ;0)

    • It took me far too long to finish this novella. And its was because it was such a frustrating read - and something about a hurricane Sandy or whatever. The author has potential, but reading it, you get the impression that she's trying to write the book like she thinks its should read)probably based on every other romance she's read) instead of just writing HER book. Or that she's retelling the story, maybe (there's something about the use of words/phrases like "because", "and then", "while", etc [...]

    • I've read other books by Deborah Court and enjoyed them so I was excited to pick this on up. Unfortunately, I had a really hard time suspending my disbelief that Jade would be so in love with Alrik after one meeting that she was sure that no other man would ever excite her. The suspense was both decent and plausible but I couldn't wrap my head around the idea that they both fell in love with each other after this one meeting and it consumed them both to the point that they were pining for one an [...]

    • The relationship between Jade and Alrik didn't feel right. Jade didn't seem mature enough to handle an alpha male such as Alrik. At one point during the story, the continuation needed cleaning up as the author wasn't sure if the heroine was wearing a dress or a robe (locations 873 and 876). Not bad for a free-read and if you are looking for some light reading.

    • Virgin Dancer is not what I expected. I thought I’d get a quick erotic romance about a girl wanting to lose her virginity. But this novella is packed with suspense and danger; making it stand apart from other romance novellas. Lots more to say my full review is posted at:guiltyindulgencebookclubs

    • The plot is tight, the storyline quickly moving and the romance real. With a hot alpha male and a strong heroine, this novella is near perfect for me. My full review can be seen at: guiltyindulgencebookclubs

    • This was the first book that I've read by Deborah Court. It was surprising, I really enjoyed it. I will be looking for more by this author.

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