The 13th Target

The th Target When his wife dies of ovarian cancer Russell Mullins quits the Secret Service to repurpose his life He joins a Washington D C private protection company and is assigned to guard Paul Luguire a Feder

  • Title: The 13th Target
  • Author: Mark de Castrique
  • ISBN: 9781590586174
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • When his wife dies of ovarian cancer, Russell Mullins quits the Secret Service to repurpose his life He joins a Washington D.C private protection company and is assigned to guard Paul Luguire, a Federal Reserve executive and its chief liaison with the U.S Treasury.Mullins and Luguire form a strong friendship So when a police detective calls in the middle of the night wWhen his wife dies of ovarian cancer, Russell Mullins quits the Secret Service to repurpose his life He joins a Washington D.C private protection company and is assigned to guard Paul Luguire, a Federal Reserve executive and its chief liaison with the U.S Treasury.Mullins and Luguire form a strong friendship So when a police detective calls in the middle of the night with word of Luguire s suicide, Mullins doesn t buy it His doubts are reinforced by Amanda Church, a former Secret Service colleague now in the Federal Reserve s cyber security unit She uncovered a suspicious financial transaction initiated by Luguire only days before his death He authorized unrequested funds to be transferred from the Federal Reserve to a regional bank.Even stranger, after Luguire s suicide, Amanda finds the transaction has been erased from Federal Reserve records The regional bank now shows the money wired from an offshore account in the name of Russell Mullins Someone is setting Rusty up And when the bank president is murdered, Mullins rockets to the top of the suspect list As a tenacious reporter develops leads, Mullins follows a conspiratorial trail of killing and kidnapping that leads from a shadowy mastermind to the possible destruction of America s financial system.In an age of Wall Street meltdowns and downgrading of the U.S credit rating, the secretive Federal Reserve has a pivotal role Twelve targets are known The clock is ticking What, or who, is the thirteenth

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      Mark de Castrique is an author, playwright, public speaker, and television producer living in Charlotte.Through his company MARK et al he writes, shoots, and edits projects for a variety of clients.His work has earned CLIO, TELLY, and EMMY awards.Mark has scripted stories aired on PBS and commercial network affiliates, as well as created video presentations for major corporations.

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    • Good writing and I liked the main character Russell Mullins. I just couldn't get into this type of novel. Some parts I enjoyed, but sadly, this one just wasn't for me.

    • A friend recommended this. I'd never read anything by Castrique but was quickly pulled into this fast-paced story. The plot was complex but very well written and despite many twists I didn't get lost along the way and was surprised several times. I want to try more of this author's books.

    • Ever read one of those books where it's just a little too obvious that the author is in love with his own creation? So much so that it actually gets in the way of the *reader* enjoying it as well?That's pretty much this book. I wanted to like it, but I was rolling my eyes so hard I could barely get through it.

    • Formulaic. Washington speak. Dialogue so flat I could slide it under a door. Ultimately, I cared for neither the writing style nor the characters and put the book down.

    • A good whodunnit is always enjoyable, but Mark de Castrique writes a novel that is more than just good. It's a story that grabs your interest from the start and for 10 hours, it's impossible to stop listening to it. This maze of mystery and intrigue is brought to us through the life of Rusty Mullins. Rusty has retired from the Secret Service and is now working for a private security firm. When a good friend of his is thought to have committed suicide, Rusty is convinced it is murder. And now the [...]

    • First Line: "Rusty. Have you got any money on you?"When Russell (Rusty) Mullins' wife dies of ovarian cancer, he feels a real need to take a different direction in his life. Ending his career in the Secret Service, he joins a private protection company based in Washington, D.C and is assigned to guard Paul Luguire, a Federal Reserve executive and its chief liaison with the U.S. Treasury. The change means that Rusty gets to spend time with his grandchild, and he becomes good friends with Luguire. [...]

    • The Thirteenth TargetA carefully calculated mystery of unusual proportions and subject. Intensely engaging, and rich with sleight-of-hand misdirection, the novel is highly satisfying. None of that is surprising given the wide-ranging experience and talents of this author. His previous novels provide ample evidence of his abilities fashioning strong enjoyable crime fiction.Rusty Mullins is at the heart of this tale. He’s a former member of the US Secret Service, now working in D.C. for a privat [...]

    • Russell Mullins is a former Secret Service officer who is working for a private protection firm in Washington, D.C. He has been assigned to guard Paul Luguire, a Federal Reserve executive and its chief liaison with the U.S. Treasury, and the two have become quite friendly. So when Mullins hears that Luguire has committed suicide, he can't believe that's what really happened ~ and he's determined to uncover the truth. The 13th Target by Mark de Castrique is a fast-paced mystery that really picks [...]

    • Originally posted at: lasrmystery/2012/The 13th Target is a suspenseful and dark political thriller. Rusty Mullins is–or was–much more than a bodyguard, so when the guy he’s protecting ends up dead, he can’t leave it alone. It migh be a suicide, but he sure doesn’t want to believe it. And pretty quickly, he becomes even more motivated to figure out what happened, as he himself becomes a suspect. He’s as tough as nails, though, as well as smart and has friends in places to help. Intri [...]

    • This political thriller by Mark de Castrique presents a cloak-and-dagger scenario about the Federal Reserve and its far-reaching power and influence within and outside the USA. Published in 2012, it weaves together the timely concerns of terrorism and the financial crisis in the USA. Mr. de Castrique keeps the reader guessing who knows what and who the "good guys" and the "bad days" are.

    • Author de Catrique certainly seized on a creative plot line, building on Occupy Wall Street. There is a group of white men from all over the world meeting clandestinely, needing to keep the U.S. Federal Reserve controlling money in secret. The protagonist, Russell Mullins, is a former secret service officer, with the usual wounds, i.e. wife dead of ovarian cancer, problems with former job. Well, powerful white guys are super crafty, and set up Russell in a plot to steal millions from the Fed, an [...]

    • The first stand-alone thriller from the author of the Burryin' Barry and Sam Blackman series. Rusty Mullins is a driver/bodyguard for Federal Reserve executive Paul Luguire. When Luguire is said to have committed suicide, Rusty is positive the conclusion is wrong and Luguire has been murdered. He attempts to convince Detective Sullivan, of the Arlington Police Department, of this so the investigation won't be closed. Barry takes some vacation time and starts a murder investigation. It quickly de [...]

    • Russell "Rusty" Mullens is a retired secret service operative who is providing security to Paul Luguire, a Federal Reserve executive and its chief liaison with the U.S. Treasury. When he gets a phone call from a detective telling him that Luguire has committed suicide, Rusty doesn't believe it. When he begins to look into the death, he discovers several financial transactions that seem to be setting him up as a criminal. It looks as if someone is conspiring to destroy America's financial system, [...]

    • An executive with the Federal Reserve commits suicide. Only Rusty Mullins, former Secret Service agent and personal bodyguard to the executive isn't buying it. His search for what really happened leads him to a vast conspiracy to blow up the 12 Federal Reserve banks on the 4th of July. But there is also evidence of a 13th, unknown, target. And time is running out Castrique has written a perfect beach book. There is enough intrigue and action to keep you reading although there are certain aspects [...]

    • 2* This is my second listening and I can see why I wasn’t enthralled the first time. There are long passages of explanation, sometimes thinly veiled as dialogue. In fact, at times the explanation sounds more like a lecture or a rant. Making it worse for me, I lack a deep understanding of the processes and history of the financial institutions in the States, so I often get totally lost. Other readers will likely get more from this novel, but even on this second try I cannot give more than 2*.In [...]

    • A pleasant change from de Castrique's Buryin' Barry series or the Sam Blackman series.This one is a financial/political thriller involving the Federal Reserve system. For those readers who enjoy de Castrique's writing style, this is pretty much a 'must read'. For those readers who want to read a pretty good stand alone novel, give this one a try. Gets three stars because he did a rather poor job of hiding the primary antagonist.

    • This is my third de Castrique book. I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, since the other two were Buryin' Barry and nothing like this one, but I was impressed with the intensity and the believability of the plot. Like Buryin' Barry, the main character in this one was very caring, intelligent, brave, and un-corruptable - to me, the main characteristics of a hero. Bring on the next one, Mark!

    • Another disappointment - not sure if I have just been reading too many no-so-good books or maybe I am just tired of waiting for the 3rd installment of Justin Cronin's series "The Passage" and the 4th installment of Steig's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (oh wait - it is out) but this ended with the protagonist having to explain the inner workings of the plot - never a good sign. I must remember that if I even do write a story or two,

    • This turned out to be a very good read. It held my attention and kept me turning the page, especially towards the end. This could easily be a made-for-tv movie. I would definitely watch it. I'll be looking for more from this author.

    • Good book in the vain of a John Grishom. At first, story a little hard to follow, but liked seeing the innerworkings of the Federal Reserve and seeing those potential folks wanting to see its demise.

    • I listened to the audio book which I think made it a little harder to follow the story at first. There were a lot of characters introduced at the beginning and I wished I had a hard copy to flip back and forth so I could remember who people were as the story went on.

    • This is a superior example of the political thriller with an intelligent plot delivering the expected interest and excitement.opionator.wordpress/2012/0

    • I listened to this as an audio book during a car ride. It kept me interested enough to not drive off the road, but you could tell who the real mastermind was a third of the way through the book. Overall, it was entertaining enough for me to "like it."

    • Interesting premise but too formulistic, as some GoodReads friends have suggested. The author shows promise although the tendency towards cliche is irritating at times. And some of the plot twists are absurd. 3 stars because I really liked the protagonist!

    • A linear, boring, face-value drag. Here's my impression of this book: this happened. Then, this happened. Then, this happened. Then, another thing happened. Then it ended.

    • This book kept me nicely occupied for a hew hours. I liked the protagonist and would love to read more books of this kind.

    • it's a book I would recommend even though it gets a little slow and worthy during the middle has a pretty decent ending I enjoyed the read

    • Easy listen with some good plot twists. Mullins is a good central character, though his ability to read body language and draw intricate conclusions is a bit far fetched.

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