Project Jackalope

Project Jackalope Jeremy s troubles begin when his eccentric neighbor leaves him an experiment for safekeeping a jackalope This so called mythological creature looks like a bunny rabbit but comes with razor sharp antl

  • Title: Project Jackalope
  • Author: Emily Ecton
  • ISBN: 9781452101552
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jeremy s troubles begin when his eccentric neighbor leaves him an experiment for safekeeping a jackalope This so called mythological creature looks like a bunny rabbit, but comes with razor sharp antlers and is purported to be a ruthless killer When government agents show up at Jeremy s house seeking the jackalope for their own nefarious purposes, Jeremy must find a waJeremy s troubles begin when his eccentric neighbor leaves him an experiment for safekeeping a jackalope This so called mythological creature looks like a bunny rabbit, but comes with razor sharp antlers and is purported to be a ruthless killer When government agents show up at Jeremy s house seeking the jackalope for their own nefarious purposes, Jeremy must find a way to protect the jackalope, and himself So he reluctantly joins forces with Agatha, his holier than thou genius neighbor Together, with the jackalope and his weapons grade antlers tucked away in a backpack, they have only one chance to save Jack and still get their science fair projects in on time With her striking sense of humor, Emily Ecton has created a hilarious and suspenseful adventure, complete with a compelling and unforgettable cast of characters.

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    • Emily Ecton

      Emily Ecton is a former writer and producer for Wait, WaitDon t Tell Me , the NPR news quiz She has also been a playwright, a chinchilla wrangler, an ice cream scooper and a costume character After years of living in Chicago, she now lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her dog, Binky.

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    • This book was funny and unique and the concept behind it is fantastic. The concept itself can be a Dreamworks animated movie where I think kids will definitely have a good time watching the story unfold. However, the story failed to reach its potential in many ways. Here are some of the issues I had with the book:1) Character development. Everything was so rushed. Jeremy, the main character finds a Jackalope in his room; left there by his mad-scientist neighbour, and immediately things begins to [...]

    • Jeremy is used to running odd errands for Professor Twichett, but when the odd scientist leaves a cryptic note and an evil looking jackelope in Jeremy's care, he's not quite sure what to do. When men in suits start stalking him, pretending that the professor has inherited money, Jeremy suspects that something is up. He consults Agatha, his neighbor and one time assistant to the professor, and finds out that the jackalope was sort of her idea. She thinks it would be a great idea to use the jackel [...]

    • If your not a big book reader, i guarantee you will like the, "Project Jackalope". This book starts out at a pretty good pace with our main character Jermy. Jermy received a box that doesn't exactly look normal. But he suddenly gets the urge to open this package, in it is a hybrid animal that consists of a antelope and a jack rabbit. Jermy's adventure starts right there when he realizes that this jack rabbit with very sharp horns is attracting the FBI and he has to leave everything behind for hi [...]

    • Project Jackalope is story about a boy named Jeremy who is used to getting weird messages and other things from his neighbor "Professor Twitchett." However, Professor Twitchett gave him something a bit weirder than usual: An actual, live creature: a jackalope. Jeremy then has to find ways to hide it from unusual men in suits that try to take it from him.This story jumps right in, and going from beginning to end, not making you bored once! You always want to read more, and it's almost like you ca [...]

    • Jeremy thought he was doing Professor Twitchett a favor by running errands for him after the professor and Agatha have a falling out. But when the professor disappears leaving Jeremy with what appears to be a jackalope and suited men showing up to question him, he has to turn to Agatha for help. Together the two of them try to solve the mystery of the professor’s disappearance, elude the men with secret weapons who are chasing them, find out about a traitor, and save the mythical creature they [...]

    • Jeremy thought he was helping out when he offered to run errands for his neighbor, Professor Twichett, but he never expected the professor to run away and leave the results of his latest experiment, a jackalope, in Jeremy's bed. Jackalopes, we learn, can be docile if fed whiskey, but have razor sharp antlers that can maim or kill if the horned bunny gets riled up. Jeremy teams up with a neighbor, Agatha, to figure out what to do. How do you hide a jackalope? Who are the men in black suits that a [...]

    • Imaginary Fun!  That thing, the one that had destroyed the contents of my hamper in what, thirty minutes flat? It was a bunny. Yeah, I know. A tiny little fluffy bunny with soft tufty feet and huge Hallmark card eyes. Oh yeah, and a set of nasty-looking razor sharp antlers coming out of its head. It was a jackalope. --Chapter 2 This book is written from the point of view of the main character, Jeremy (a kid in junior high). The following people live in his apartment building: Professor Twi [...]

    • 1) Project Jackalope is a suspense/action-adventure book that consists of stealthy operations, and other amazing stunts that must be taken in order to secure the jackalope. Agatha and Jeremy must find a way to do something about the mess they got into, with Professor Twitchettw a jackalope. The problem is a jackalope is a VERY dangerous animal, and the FBI chases Agatha and Jeremy, while they must tame this rogue animal into a rabbit-like behaving animal. 2) Somebody would want to read because i [...]

    • Review of an advance copy:When Jeremy gets home from school one day, he finds a note from his eccentric scientist neighbor in the lobby and a jackalope in a box on his bed. Suddenly men in suits are following him everywhere, and Jeremy has to work with his neighbor Agatha to keep himself and the jackalope safe. The books is very funny and full of action and lots of crazy situations. I found it highly entertaining, and enjoyed the chase as well as finding out more about Professor Twitchell. I als [...]

    • When Jeremy unexpectedly finds a jackalope in his bedroom, left there by Professor Twitchett, a rather disreputable scientist who lives in the same apartment building, he's in trouble from the start. He barely knows the man who has disappeared, and there are several men wearing suits interrogating Jeremy and the rest of the tenants. Jeremy teams up with Agatha, another neighbor who is a classmate, and they try to protect the jackalope while figuring a way to outsmart the professor and government [...]

    • What would you do if your crazy professor neighbor broke into your house, left a dangerous experiment in your bed, and disappeared, leaving mysterious government agents stalking you in his wake? Project Jackalope answers that question with lots of great humor and chase scenes.While this book is aimed at younger readers (tweens), I think anyone could enjoy this book. I know I did! Jeremy is your average junior high kid. His parents are annoying (but he suffers them anyway), he's not popular, he h [...]

    • From the Publisher: You think jackalopes aren't real? THINK AGAIN.Jeremy's troubles begin when his eccentric neighbor leaves him an "experiment" for safekeeping-a jackalope! This so-called mythological creature looks like a bunny rabbit, but comes with razor-sharp antlers and is purported to be a ruthless killer. When government agents show up at Jeremy's house seeking the jackalope for their own nefarious purposes, Jeremy must find a way to protect the jackalope, and himself. So he reluctantly [...]

    • Jeremy ran errands for his eccentric neighbor Professor Twichett, but that was the extent of their relationship. Then one day mysterious men in dark suits are hanging out in his apartment building, and Jeremy finds a package in his bedroom from the Professor. He's shocked to find a rabbit, with antlers and bloodthirsty eyes - a jackalope. Now on the run, not sure who to trust, he turns to Agatha, the weird, nerdy girl down the hall. Together, they try to find answers to what is going on, and to [...]

    • Genre: Middle-grade fictionWorldview: Secular, cleanPros: Just the kind of book I like. Quirky, fun, and includes a jackalope. The main protagonist is male, but he has a female sidekick. There are weird adults, a dubious professor, a crazy-lady neighbor, a creepy lab tech. They mystery is fun and the ending is satisfying. The main character learns about true friendship.Cons: My only concern is that while there was no cussing in the book, the main female character is described as cussing frequent [...]

    • Oh I really wanted this book to be great, but I was a little disappointed. The beginning starts out funny with just enough snark to get you interested it's the kind of book to read aloud. But then the jackalope drinks whiskey and the kids are cussing each other out (in their heads, no explicit words are actually printed, but still do we really need to read that?). And some actual swear words make an appearance later in the book. The story in itself is good, I just don't know that I'd be comforta [...]

    • I'm not sure how this book made it on the sunshine state list. Even though it includes a jackalope it's not very imaginative or even particularly exciting. The inclusion of the jackalope as a main device is sort of pointless and most of the book involves them running from a secret organization that isn't that frightening or mysterious, although the author tries to make it so. It's my 13th sunshine state book and it doesn't belong with this group.

    • This book might be a five-star book, butEmily gets a point taken off for being a friend and writing such a readable, exciting book anyway.And for writing " of those oldies songs, 'Highway to Hell'"Fun book and great narrator who keeps lying to himself (and knows he's lying to himself) but won't back off from it, really (I mean, c'mon). - That was my inadequate attempt at capturing the hilarious tone of the book.

    • This book is very cute and a lot of fun. It is an adventure story, but not to be taken to seriously. I think it would make a fun children's TV movie. The book follows the adventures of Jeremy, whose mad scientist neighbor leaves his latest experiment in his care and disappears. Jeremy enlists the help of classmate and neighbor Agatha to help him escape the strange and mysterious government officials who are after the experiment.

    • 2 kids, who share an apartment building with a mad scientist type, a Hispanic family, and a not-all-there elderly lady, get left with the scientist's project. It isn't long before the g-men in suits show up looking to collect the project and the kids go on the run.A silly little book about a mythical creature; if you don't expect much and just enjoy the ride, you'll thoroughly enjoy the tale.

    • A crazy scientist drops off a mythical creature, and suddenly imposing men in suits are after Jeremy. Who are these men, and what do they want?I enjoyed this book more than other books by this author, I think because it was more based in reality. I thought that this was something that could really happen.

    • I almost put it down at page 3.The narrator was talking to me. And I don't normally appreciate that.But I kept at it, and I'm glad I did.This would be the kind of book certain adventure-seeking boys would like, and I'm glad I stuck with it. How else would I know how to avoid DARPA or mad scientists?

    • Silly. Predictable. A good J book for those who are into spy books or science books (but not very believable science). Light. No romance. Not too dumbed down. Recommend to younger readers who are looking to read up a bit.

    • Fun Adventure for Intermediate readersProject Jackalope is a cute adventure story that would be enjoyed by the typical middle school reader. It was a quick, easy read with predictable types of adventure activities for middle school aged kids.

    • just another fun wacky read by Ecton, and hopefully the start of a series, read it from the point of view of a kid and it's a 5 star book!

    • This is a book for 12 year olds. It's not a bad book, I just probably wouldn't have read it had I known. I think I would have liked it when I was younger. It is fun, farfetched and humorous.

    • This book was so much funnier than I expected! What a cute, original and fast-paced story. Really enjoyed it and I think most Middle School kids would also.

    • Teacher notes: Fun, middle-grades novel. No real depth for advanced readers, but 6th and 7th graders will like it.

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