Luck or Something Like It

Luck or Something Like It A living legend of Country Music and a worldwide music icon superstar Kenny Rogers has enjoyed a fascinating five decades in show business and he tells the full story of his remarkable life and care

  • Title: Luck or Something Like It
  • Author: Kenny Rogers
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  • Page: 115
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A living legend of Country Music and a worldwide music icon, superstar Kenny Rogers has enjoyed a fascinating five decades in show business, and he tells the full story of his remarkable life and career in Luck or Something Like It From his days with hit group The First Edition to his sterling solo work, the artist who knows when to hold em and knows when to fold em kA living legend of Country Music and a worldwide music icon, superstar Kenny Rogers has enjoyed a fascinating five decades in show business, and he tells the full story of his remarkable life and career in Luck or Something Like It From his days with hit group The First Edition to his sterling solo work, the artist who knows when to hold em and knows when to fold em knows how to tell a captivating life story as well bringing a golden era of Country Music to life as he recounts his remarkable rise to the top of the charts An honest, moving, eye opening view of a musician s life on the road, Luck or Something Like It is the definitive music memoir a backstage pass to fifty years of performing and recording presented by the one and only Kenny Rogers, one of the bestselling artists ever.

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      Kenny Rogers Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Luck or Something Like It book, this is one of the most wanted Kenny Rogers author readers around the world.

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    • I love some of Kenny Rogers' songs. They bring me back to my high school days. I wish I had liked this book. It wasn't like most autobiographies. I like when the author opens up and lets the reader in. This one was not that. It was more like, "This happened and then this happened, which led to this, etc, etc, etc." I never got a glimpse of who he was, only what others thought of him.

    • Kenny Rogers has fallen ass-backwards into fame and fortune. Whether bragging about his multiple Rolls-Royces, scuba diving with Lionel Richie, or playing tennis with Robert Duvall, Mr. Rogers never fails to make you, the reader, feel like a pauper. Oh, and "The Gambler" is one of the worst songs ever. Kudos to my friend Ben for sending me a copy of this free of charge. I certainly couldn't imagine anyone paying money for this claptrap. Islands in the Stream my ass.

    • This is a memoir by Kenny Rogers. I would give this a 3.5. It is pretty good as memoirs go. He was born in Texas. He was one of eight kids. He writes about his childhood and what it was like to grow up poor. He got into the music business starting out in a jazz band than went on to be in the group New edition. The group had it's years of success but when it no longer had many bookings and recordings he became a country singer. His first big hit was "Lucille" that launched a long run of being ver [...]

    • I finished this book yesterday, just before going to see Kenny on his farewell tour. It is filled with the two things I love in memoirs, humor and humility. Kenny is such a good storyteller and it was fascinating learning the history behind all of his great music. This is a must read for anyone who loves his storytelling style. Kenny is truly a treasure and has enriched just about every musical genre. I feel so blessed to have seen him perform live before he calls it a career.

    • Some memoirs are about how an author feels about things. Others are about what happened. The latter can be interesting, as with this book, but the result is a little flat. What was it like to go from living in the projects to buying an 11 million dollar home in Bel Air? We may never know, only that it happened.I did find it encouraging that he had a whole successful career that was over when he was 38 and started over and became even more successful.My favorite part was probably:"So now I'm maki [...]

    • Kenny Rogers tells his life story - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Why I picked it up: Way back in middle school I had a Kenny Rogers record I played to death. When I saw this book on my library's "new book" list I was intrigued and wanted to know more about his life and rise in the music industry.Why I kept reading: His writing has a conversational tone, and he's a good storyteller. In the end: I found this autobiography refreshingly honest. He tells it like it is from the early days of his c [...]

    • As a very long-time Kenny fan, this was a must read. I was a bit hesitant, since I know that finding out more about celebs can be an "I wish I hadn't" experience that makes you appreciate them less. I'm relieved I'm still glad to say I'm a Kenny fan. Of course there were times I wondered why on earth but more often I was taken by his humble go-get-'em, can-do-anything(maybe), upbeat attitude. There is much humor in his memoir (sometimes subtle, sometimes all-out little boyish), plenty of humilit [...]

    • Well, I like the music of Kenny Rogers, so I got something from this book. It ends there though. He's a very egotistical person (not that he hasn't earned that right) and his tone in the book is not enjoyable to read. He had a quote every 50 pages or so that was funny or memorable in some way but all in all I would not recommend that someone read this book. He is clearly better at the things he talks about in the book then he is at writing the book itself.

    • Great autobiography from one of my favorite performers, with stories of his whole life and some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about his hit songs, concert tours, movies, Lionel Richie, Dolly Parton, We Are the World, and more. I also liked hearing about his charity work over the years and the motto "Success without sharing is unacceptable."

    • I grew up listening to Kenny Rogers (aka K-Rog, but only after 6.). My mom and my aunt would sing karaoke to his songs every time they were together. I know every word to Islands in the Stream and The Gambler. So when I found out K-Rog had a book, I absolutely had to read it.I didn't expect much. My mom had seen him in concert a year or two after this book was published and said he was starting to get weird and his memory was going. But this book was actually really good! It tells the story of K [...]

    • I'm only a moderate Kenny Rogers fan and picked up this book cheap recently. What a great American success story! Well written by Kenny about his amazing career; many phases I didn't even know about. Great auto-bio from a guy who is down-to-earth despite his phenomenal nearly constant success throughout his career which makes me like his music even more!

    • Kenny Rogers' creative skills are in singing lyrical stories and taking photographs; this 3 and 1/2-star book reflects those abilities by creating a picture-perfect story of his life that lacks any real depth. It's enjoyable reading as far as it goes but it just skims the surface of much of what he has done. He makes sure to push his image as a "aw, shucks" type of average country family man while ignoring his reputation as a wealthy womanizer and control freak.The early parts of the book are ac [...]

    • I LOVE Kenny Rogers’ music, and everything I’ve ever seen and heard of the man, himself, I have enjoyed. I love his beautiful photography and the family stories I have heard him share in interviews, etc.I would say it was a good autobiography. Not amazing, not horrible. I learned some things, although not as much about the stories behind his old cowboy, story-songs as I was hoping to, (which I will grant, is harder to tell for the songs you, yourself didn’t write; which is why I typically [...]

    • I have always been a fan of Kenny Rogers and it was interesting to read his book outlining how things happened in his career as well as some details about his private life. I would recommend this book to anyone else who is a fan.

    • I wouldn't call myself a Kenny Rogers fan, but the guy was everywhere throughout my childhood and he was of interest to me. So when I saw his memoirs, I thought of it as a bit of an education. The book had a nice, personable tone to it and inside I met a humble man just as surprised by his success as anyone.What surprised me was how late a start he got in the genre that made him famous. A career musician, he didn't move to country until he was 37 and needed to start again. There are some terrifi [...]

    • This was a fun book to read. Rogers keeps the tone light and tells some entertaining stories. I especially liked the parts where he discussed the origins of certain songs and what they mean to him. It is true that this book casts him in the most positive light possible, and glosses over some uncomfortable moments in his life, but it is his autobiography. He can do anything he wants with it. To be honest, I wasn't all that interested in the messy personal stuff anyway. I've loved Kenny's music my [...]

    • Let's see one star for the author's account of his musical life in the First Edition and before one star for tales of Nashville superstardom and one star simply for proper use of the word piqued where so many ignorantly use peaked. This book actually seems to have been proofread by a human, which is more than most get in this era of easily-fooled grammar and spell checkers. By no means a tell-all, the deepest Rogers gets is to grossly simplify the reasons for his failed marriages, while there is [...]

    • This is the 3rd music autobiography I have read in the past few months. When I say "read", I mean listened to with my Audible account. I listened to the Keith Richards and Neil Young autobiographies before this one. They were both good, but, this one was better. When I say "better", I mean more enjoyable. I think Kenny Rogers is a better story teller then either Keith Richards or Neil Young. You know the three of these guys have had super long very interesting careers, Kenny just tells the story [...]

    • Kenny Rogers just accents the parts of his life he wants tell his readers but leaves out most of the parts he's rather not speak about so it really wasn't a very comprehensive account of his life. His partnership with Dolly Parton is presented in a more thorough, entertaining way where as his lengthy personal relationship with Lorrie Morgan is barely mentioned.The book was likeable if you are a Kenny Rogers fan. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother reading it.

    • When a country star stumbles upon a hit, it can lead to many more super hits.Great voice, great charisma and charm, it's got to be Kenny Rogers!Didn't know he played certain sports, and brought so many good people together.What he did for his mom, was terrific!It was and still is, a great business and a really true friendship with him and Dolly!Maybe they can find another duo hit!

    • A very enjoyable book about Kenny, his upbringing (in Houston), his career, marriages, children and the people he worked with like Dolly Parton. I didn't know he was so good at tennis or that he did so many good things for people less fortunate. i was surprised to learn many of his closest associates, band members and such, have been with him for almost his whole career. If you like Kenny Rogers, I recommend you read this book.

    • I've always liked Kenny but was unaware of his past until I read the book. I felt that even though he had several failed marriages, he seemed to take responsibility for his part in them. We all have a past, right? I found his stories interesting and entertaining. I did get a little bored through some of his career details, but overall, enjoyed the read.

    • I enjoyed this look back at the career of Kenny Rogers. I was a fan in the 80's and 90's and was surprised that he had already had a couple of different music careers by then. As in any autobiography, a lot is glossed over especially in his personal life. The stories behind the songs and the glimpses of life when you're rich and famous made this worth the read.

    • I am not a huge country fan, but I do find that I like a lot of Roger' songs. I remember seeing an impersonator in show years ago that really sounded like him as well as looked like him. I had no idea that he started out in jazz and didn't enter country until his 40's! Really interesting man. Glad I read this.

    • a very good autobio of Kenny life. Appreciated the realistic challenges of being a touring musician and the balance needed between music and other recreational activities as well as what can happen to married couples when music career is the prime thing in life.

    • I don't usually like biographies because they remind me too much of school but this one was just wonderful and I enjoyed every page and every work. I have always liked Kenny and he is far more talented than I ever thought he was. Great reading.

    • Everybody now sing: You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,Know when to walk away and know when to run.You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table.There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done.

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